Overview of Skills

I have a broad theoretical and practical background in various forms of Business, Economics, Strategy, Management & Organization, Marketing, Human Resources, Career Planning, and Accounting.

I have worked with recruiting, administration and management.


I have a BA in Theology too.


I am educated as a Psychotherapist, following the guidelines of the Danish educational system and standards. I have worked for over 12 years as a Psychotherapist and Personal Life Coach.

About this site

This site is advocating the progression work that over time will instigate the long needed changes of our world, its humanity and its structures in business, parenting and human interrelations.


Its a slow building and reconstruction work, and the work begins with the individual and the transformation of all current concepts and perceptions of our reality.


As with all changes, someone has to seed the new line of thought.


Creating a new understanding of what a human is, how it interacts, expresses itself and functions in a world of energy exchange with humans, and other alien races on known and hidden levels of our reality, is what we are to learn to work with.


My background is broad. However, its not my educational and practical skills that will take us further but the knowledge I have obtained in my work with the known and hidden realities of our world.


It is based upon my work as a restorer, interviewer and researcher, being able to communicate telepathically with the alien and off world humans that are here or have been here. Including my old knowledge from when I entered this reality.


Neuromuscular Therapy (2013)


University of Copenhagen (2010-2014)

- BA Theology


Course of Anatomy and Physiology (2008)


Inkaki-Healing (2004-2005)

- Healer


Institute of Psychotherapy (1998-2001)

- Psychotherapist


Copenhagen Business School (1993-1996)

- Organization & Management

- Economics

- Business Law

- Business Strategy

- Human Resources


Bachelor Level Courses (1994-1995)

- Dream Analysis and Psychotherapy

- The Foundation of Psychology

- The Psychology of Religious Philosophy


Psychotherapist, Clairvoyant & Author.


I do not work for us to go home but for us to rebuild this system. We are to complete the mission we took unto ourselves. We do not quit. We prevail and complete, what we started.

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Completing the new website.

Jan 13, 2017


Beginning my the work for 2017 with details of how to live the Higher Awareness Life.

Jan 14, 2017

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