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Let me ask you a question:

Are you here to have the “normal” human experience or, are you here to do the transformative exploration journey, developing yourself from something ordinary to some unique and awesome?

The ways we have been utilizing our world´s resources, to explore our reality and ourselves, have only gotten us so far. Therefore, we need new approaches towards all known sciences, our world and our understanding of energy. If we try – following the higher order ways - to understand our world, what it is made of, and ourselves, we enter into a transition towards a development of the higher order sciences, and towards a higher awareness lifestyle.

Today, a lot of effort is put into producing new technologies, mechanical innovations, and the sciences to accommodate these. In contrast to this, the transition approach focuses on developing the human species into the highest version, we can become.

And, to be able to reach the apex of human civilization, humanity has to grow from what they are into a new way of being human. The goal is to reach what is called a higher order civilization and it follows the standards of the many higher order human races existing in other realities adjacent to ours. To be able to get to this level of knowledge, and understanding (there is a difference), we have to evolve and develop everything we are and can become physically, emotionally and mentally.


The new ways of being human depends on conscious evolution to develop everything a human is and can become, but it also rests upon human entrepreneurship, innovations and new solutions for the challenges at hand.

Nevertheless, these solutions are only achievable if humans choose to evolve. To achieve the needed solutions for our current natural resource distribution issues, climate changes and human health problems, humans must mature and progress. They have to evolve, and choose that as a dedicated and purposeful way of living. Our current mindset and ways of living are disastrous, not only to ourselves but to all lifeforms around us. 

It is time to change humanity into becoming a high-performance culture, with high capacity and higher awareness based upon a scientific approach without spirituality and religion. It is time to generate a world population who has it as part of their lives to evolve, and contribute to a higher order society from the highest levels of awareness and understanding.

Now is the time to take full responsibility for the continued future of humanity and our continued evolution. As one race on one planet, working towards the common goal of a better future for us all.


I began my professional life within Business, Recruiting, Human Resource Management, and Administration. 

Because of this, I have a broad theoretical and practical background in various forms of Business and Administration, incl. start-up strategies, Economics (micro and macro), Business Strategy, Management and Organization, Marketing, Human Resources, Career Planning, and Accounting. 

I also have a BA in Theology from the University of Copenhagen, along with many minor courses from the University of Copenhagen, bachelor level, within cross-cultural studies of Religion, Economics and Psychology.

Along the way, I took the formal education as a licensed Psychotherapist, meeting the professional qualifications of the Danish educational system and standards. I have worked as a Psychotherapist and Personal Life Coach with clients from all levels of society the last 17 years. However, I have decided to retract from the psychological work to focus on the new ideas. There is so much to be created!

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