Neuromuscular Therapy (2013)


University of Copenhagen (2010-2014)

- BA Theology


Course of Anatomy and Physiology (2008)


Inkaki-Healing (2004-2005)

- Healer


Institute of Psychotherapy (1998-2001)

- Psychotherapist


Copenhagen Business School (1993-1996)

- Organization & Management

- Economics

- Business Law

- Business Strategy

- Human Resources


Bachelor Level Courses (1994-1995)

- Dream Analysis and Psychotherapy

- The Foundation of Psychology

- The Psychology of Religious Philosophy

I have a broad theoretical and practical background in various forms of Business, Economics, Strategy, Management & Organization, Marketing, Human Resources, Career Planning, and Accounting.


I have mainly worked with recruiting, administration and management.


I have a BA in Theology too.


Along the way I choose to educate myself as a Psychotherapist, following the guidelines of the Danish educational system and standards. I have worked for over 15 years as a Psychotherapist and Personal Life Coach.

Why do we do what we do, and why do we become what we become in the every day life?


The career choices we make define us and our capability to handle life, its challenges and learning processes. Working in the world, and gaining knowledge of our society, how the market forces work, how business work and how organizations are arranged in terms of hidden laws and outspoken culture, defines our ability to act and respond in a suitable way, in order to play the games of our current world setting.


In our progression work, we cannot lose sight of the mere fact that we are part of a human world with laws, restrictions, rules to be honored and ways of behaving. We are social beings but also much more than that. Thus, in the work of adding energetic understanding to our current limited world settings, the ability to play by the rules and honor the reality settings we are part of becomes equally important. We are not living on a secluded island but are part of a thriving society where people play out their version of reality, and what they find important for them.


I strive to develop new values and thought systems and these are to be implemented into the current world settings. Perhaps not to alter them but at least to exist alongside them, providing an alternative where energetic and higher awareness perception play a crucial part.


My goal is not as such to generate a totally new world. I would prefer to add more to it. Give it a twist here and there to expand it into a multilayered reality, where the obvious is not the only setting we know of. I would like to add a new approach to psychology and our energetic understanding of how our world is constructed.


Energetic understanding is not only to see things as electromagnetic energy but to go beyond the quantum level into the hidden energies, which established science will discover, when they truly begin to bridge the probability fields and possibility fields of expansion and progression into their mathematical and cosmological equations.




A private enterprise with the goal of providing skills and knowledge to initiate personal and global changes.



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