Begin the Progression Work

You can watch these 8 videos on YouTube on the History of our Reality. Here I give the metaview of why we do this work and why I have taken the time to unfold this information into the HAL Classes and the material I have made. Its all about getting us back to our true potentials.




I suggest that you begin by diving into all of my free materials. There you will get a feel of what it is I am working with, and what the HAL perception is about, among many other things.


Most of the work I do is for free. And I prefer it to be so since change takes time.


However, to really be able to go deep into the progression and rebuilding work, I have made materials that are a step build up, taking you by the hand from the basic levels of energy work and inner work, in the HAL Basic Class to the more advanced steps of information and energy work in the HAL Advanced and HAL Completed Classes.


In the HAL Classes I focus on the positive, reforming and reconstructing side of the progression work. I want to give the tools to a positive exploration journey of self-responsibility and self-growth.


In the HAL Extras you can add up the HAL Classes with the HAL Books, the Rotundum 2018, a template reading (if you want) and later on HAL Coaching with me on an individual level, as a couple and as parents.





Study the Free Material



On the front page you find links to all of the free materials in my blogs, on YouTube and Vimeo. There are material to study for hours and most of it will give you a good feel of the "other side."


The Rotundum 2018?



In the articles and videos from the HAL Club 2018, and the 40 min Q&A, you get lots of inspiration to how you can work with the energy of each month to perform better over the year.


Read the HAL Books



I can only urge you to read my books. They provide you with concepts, energy and thought forms that will add more to the HAL Classes and your perception of the world, you are part of.


The HAL Classes



The HAL Classes are the most important tools in what I offer. The 6 classes provide you with all that you need to do the progression work, and a lot of good inspiration to do life-changes.


Template Reading?



You choose when you want to do the template reading and if you want to do it. If you begin with the reading, you get an insight into what you are to work with and how.


Individual Coaching?



If you feel like continuing working with me after having completed the HAL Classes, you can use the individual coaching, parenting or couples coaching to boost your further progression work.



The first part of our progression journey is to understand reality as being more than just the obvious. It is also to learn the discernment and understanding of other dimensions and energetic densities, in total other realities, our solar system is part of.


Of course, in due time and when you are ready to face these things, and have learned to accomplish the right type of vibration in your mind and body to be able to sense, see and work with the 4th to 6th density energies and their dimensions to clear out the distortions you hold, all preventing you from unfolding your true potentials.


Therefore, the progression work is about awakening and getting back to your true potentials and capacity you have as a human and what it means to be human in this reality. What we, as a collective race, have totally and utterly forgotten.




What is the progression work and how do you begin?

Watch the videos below to get started and get the insights on what it means, and where it leads to.



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I work to add more to the future of humanity and the goals we strive for. The saying "I am just human" is not enough for me. I am more than just a human. Humanity has barely scratched the surface of what we can become.