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They are to be seen as a process and not the "forever truth" because nothing is the truth



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Our reality is part of a huge project ranging from the 3rd density and into other densities, where humans, semi-humans and alternate humans exist. All of these human races partake in project Earth and humanity.


I have, in my books, tried to give an account of what I remember, but the fact is that all of this has been superseded by new programs, new inner realities, and new races are coming in, altering the world we live in.


With that understanding, it becomes clear that my material can only be seen as historical, a moment in time, account of how I understood things when I was working with that level and energy of our reality.


But they are, both the books you can buy and the free e-books here, an excellent back ground to get started, and to get an overview of what has transpired here, the factions and the earth humans that have collaborated with them.

Read the free e-book on Ending the Old World Order, 166 pages


Read the free e-book Summing up 2016, 88 pages


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Psychotherapist, Clairvoyant & Author.


I do not work for us to go home but for us to rebuild this system. We are to complete the mission we took unto ourselves. We do not quit. We prevail and complete, what we started.

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Completing the new website.

Jan 13, 2017


Beginning my the work for 2017 with details of how to live the Higher Awareness Life.

Jan 14, 2017

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