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Get the basic understanding of the Old World Order Humanoids



We begin looking into the first levels of our existence, the structures, dynamics and connection to the Source Cycles, the oversoul cycles and the soul group cycles. It is important to understand what a soul is and how the evolutions unfold in the first cosmos.


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Understanding the Old Stellar Souls completes Terralogy and the Souls of Humanity.


In this book the chiasm is explained in depth along with the understanding of the LPU, the evolutionary cycles, the five LPRF races and the beginning of the understanding that will lead to the work on the human DNA.


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Get the basic understanding of the Level One Energy System



It is time to go to the next level, where we focus on developing the humanoid genetics. Those of the original humans who took part in the Sirian Workstations were scattered like the humanoid races taking part of the workstations and the original human form got lost in the timeline event.s.


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Exploring a possible planetary angle



In the previous three books, we looked at our reality field from the perspective of the stellar races, but in this book we begin the journey into the true humanity of this planet and the solar system, we are part of.


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Psychotherapist, Clairvoyant & Author.


I do not work for us to go home but for us to rebuild this system. We are to complete the mission we took unto ourselves. We do not quit. We prevail and complete, what we started.

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