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In the self-study, you do the HAL Classes 1-4 including the Energy Work Classes, the HAL Completed 1-2 and the Future Human Project Courses 1-4 on your own. Then after 10 months, in month 11, we meet up in a 1 hour Skype session to discuss the material and the questions, you have gathered over the 10 months. There is room for email questions along the way.

I will send the monthly text material to you over email, and the access to the explanatory videos in the private groups on Vimeo.

It will not be possible to discuss personal issues or relate to personal experiences. However, we can talk about the material in general terms and, if needed, I will use examples, which are identical to what you experience in your life. From that it is easy to apply to your personal experiences.

Read more about the self-study below, including terms and conditions.

You sign up by paying the fee of 109 EUR per month. You will then pay for all of the classes & courses over 11 months. All in all 1199 EUR, beginning when you sign up. The monthly payment includes the text material and videos for all of the classes & courses, as well as the meet up with me over Skype.


After 10 months of self-study, we have a 1 hour Q&A Skype session.


You will receive all text material via email. You also need a free Vimeo Account.


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