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In the HAL Group Class, we work with the HAL Classes 1-4, the HAL Completed 1-2 and the Future Human Project Courses 1-4 over 16 months. We meet up twice a month in a group call, done over Skype. The idea is to discuss the material from a theoretical point of view. I begin every meet up with a little lecture on chosen topics from the monthly material.

To ensure the highest energy in the group call, it will not be possible to discuss personal issues or relate to personal experiences with other people. However, we will talk about the material in general terms and, if needed, I will use examples, which are identical to what you experience in your life. From that it is easy to apply to your personal experiences.

Read more about the HAL Group Class incl. dates, terms and clicking on the PDF link.

You sign up by paying the sign-up fee of 140 EUR. You will then pay 140 EUR per month, each month over 15 months, beginning in March 2021. The monthly payment includes the text material and videos as well as two monthly meet ups with me over Skype. The Energy Work Classes are NOT included in the course. These you will do on your own afterwards.


We meet up twice a month to discuss the material plus a little lecture.


You will receive all text material via email. You also need a free Vimeo Account.


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