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In the HAL Classes and the Future Human Project Courses, we work with the constructive built up of our body field, emotional and mental fields as well as the energy system. We do that, both through the clearing work I have outlined in the Energy Work Classes, but also via the correct use of the Principles, the Rules and the Natural Laws of the Energy Utilization. Eventually it becomes a work with the Time Matrix and the Chiasm to transform our awareness through the inner knowledge that arises from our daily work, doing the sequencing to reach the correct awareness of the day. The latter taught in the Rotundum.

It is important that we first work with the rebuilding of ourselves and our energy system more than on focusing on the things that need to change “out there”. The Law of Participation ushers us into the energies we are to utilize, and what we focus on, we give energy - meaning that what we are part of, is what we see and understand. If we look at the ways we want things to be, we are creating that – whether it is for good or for ill. Thus, we cannot ignore what we hold and have hidden in us, and that is where the clearing work comes in. Only through correct self-understanding can we change the world from the correct perspective, as the first of many for the highest good of the many.

The work with the Rotundum and the Principles etc. guides us into our chosen relative reality all unfolding the levels of our template that are to be cleared and progressed. And from that we decide what reality, we want to participate in and how that is to unfold in our creational projects, i.e. the ones we generate using the Laws, the Principles and the Rules of Engagement as our contribution to a better world. Hopefully leading to either community projects or small businesses.


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Begin with the Free Material

There is a lot of information to gain from the two YouTube channels, the free videos on Vimeo and the two blogs. There you get a feel of what my work is about, and if it suits you.


Taking the Classes & Courses as Self-Study

To accommodate the highest learning outcome, you commit to the study for 12 months. It is my experience that I need to keep you to the fire, and the subscription model will do that. Click on the link or read more about the self-study in the box below. 


Taking the Classes & Courses as a Group

Another way of doing the study is to join my group class. Here we work together over 16 months, where we have two monthly meet ups, as well as mini lectures, where I talk about chosen topics. Click on the link or read more in the box below.

Becoming the Highest Version of You

Why go lower? We got a good long life to exercise this on all three levels of our being; physically, emotionally and mentally. To begin with. And then the other parts of us that are hidden.


Unfolding all of Your Potentials

Life is so much more than just living. Right? It should be. Learning to work with all that you are again. Mostly in regards to your own restrictions of what is possible and not. Lots of blockages have to be removed to regain that ability.


Choosing to Live a Conscious Life

The big grand finale is the ability to progress, and choose the form of life, you want, by learning to change your energy system, and from that being able to develop new skills, new perceptions and new ways of being you. 


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