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The Parenting Coaching is an offer to parents that have taken all of the HAL Classes and want to continue working with the parenting skills in a coaching setup with me.


In the parenting coaching, we focus on the areas you need to work with as a parent to meet the requirements of your child in a setting of double awareness.


The parenting of a child is not just about creating the correct environment for the child to grow feeling seen, safe and met in the ways that gives the child the sensation of self-confidence, self-reliance and self-acceptance but also to see energetically what is at play in the child, such as past lives etc.


In the parenting coaching you can share what you have experienced and have dealt with in your daily life, as a parent. You can also share things you find challenging in this work, such as personal issues of a more psychological nature and how they affect your parenting skills, as you draw on the way you were raised yourself, and what needs to be changed, so you can perform the new approach to parenting.


The coaching with me will unfold as explanations, where I highlight what you can work with, as well as instructions on how to do your energy work to get the results in between the sessions, so you both can progress further using your own resources, insights and knowledge.


If you are a single parent, please let me know so you only book for 60 min or less, using the payment methods in the individual coaching. Look here.


How to Do



You book an appointment by paying the amount on PayPal. When I get the notification from PayPal, I will as soon as possible send you a confirmation to the email address you have used on PayPal. The instructions on how to proceed etc. will be in this email.


Done Over Skype



The parenting coaching is done over Skype.

When you book an appointment, you will get my Skype name in the confirmation email.


Time & Date



I give two options for time and date in the confirmation email. You choose the one that suits you best.

Check the time difference here.


Sit Together in the Skype Call



The coaching is done over Skype, and if you are a couple, you both are to be on the same device to ensure the joint energy for the call.




What is the progression work and how do you begin?

Watch the videos below to get started and get the insights on what it means, and where it leads to.



Write me an email


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There is no refund on payments done but it is possible to shift between products.



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