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I appreciate your contribution to my work.

It will help me launch new projects and give me the space to write new books, all to generate new approaches to our reality and what it means to be human.

New approaches that over time will generate humans with an awareness of self-responsibility and self-mastery to create a world, they find to be the better choice, for the highest good of many, in a setting of respect and understanding.

Most of the work I do is for free. However, if you have enjoyed the free material, I would be happy if you would return the favor and donate.

If the link turns up in Danish - which is a choice done by Chrome - you can click on your mouse, on the right side, and translate into English. Or use the translation possibility PayPal offers.

A Big Thank you!



To help me launch new projects for a better world



To allow me the time to write new books



To support my free work to spread the information

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