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What is Conscious Evolution About?

Conscious evolution and a higher awareness lifestyle is about taking responsibility for our own growth to create a new human species. It is about understanding that we can make ourselves grow by using the correct energetic, practical and consciousness tools to do so. 


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It is Also About How We Perceive Life

As I work with in the Future Human Project Course 1 and the upcoming Conscious Evolution Book (look under My Published Books to find it and when it is ready), our hidden or clear perception of our life is what defines us, as well as the story line - or narrative - we have, defines the life we live.


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Cognitive Schemata and the Emotional Drivers

In essence, before we even begin to do the Conscious Evolution, we have to understand our psychological makeup and what is driving us emotionally. This is called cognitive schemata. I explain these in the Future Human Project Course 2. 

Then we can begin to develop our brain and its synaptic neural networks. I touch this topic in the HAL Basic Energy Work, as well as the FHP Course 2. using the energetic tools, we get - mostly from within, i.e. from your template that wants to integrate its consciousness units so you can become what you were supposed to be. More on how to work with the brain will for sure be part of my new material.


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