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It All Begins with What You Eat!

You are what you eat, right?

We all know that - right? Probably not as much as we should. There is still a  long way to go to the correct self-nurturing of our body, and the correct ways of taking really good care of it, so it can perform better.


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It is Also About Educating Ourselves

We need to know about food and what it is made of. Down to its molecular components, such as the minerals and vitamins. We need to know this to enable us to create the combinations our body needs to work perfectly. And then of course, the knowledge of how to energize our food to make it fit our energetic constitution.


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The Importance of Non-Exploitation of All Lifeforms.... Nothing We Eat Comes From Other Living Beings

This is probably the most difficult one to honor, since we are so used to exploit all resources on our planet and not giving it any second thought.

However, when we utilize other lifeforms to sustain our own lives, we allow this to be done to us as well due to the First and Second Principles. Besides, to keep the highest purity rate of our organic form, we have to be impeccable in all we do. And that includes what we eat, how we treat the resources of our planet, and all that live and thrive here. Anything else leads to distortion and the breaking down of energy.


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