HAL Free E-books

HAL Free E-books


The Rutine of Every Day

- live in Double Awareness

Every day is a chance to live your life from a double awareness, where all that you experience has an energetic level and perspective for you to learn from.

Reality is in essense interactive and the daily work with energy, the clearing work and the double awareness will change you from living as a physical, emotional and intellectual human into living as a higher awareness human.

The energy and progression work are  taught in the HAL Classes.


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by Randi Green

Goal Setting

We can only truly understand and work with our reality, if we push our awareness into a higher type of lifestyle, where the priority is to achieve our full human capacity, develop our energetic potentials and regain our full consciousness.

Everything else is for us to master, to learn from and to be seen as chances to develop our full potentials.

Beginning the Double Awareness

Check out the HAL Channel

The HAL Channel is in the making. Lots of information will produced, as I get all the pieces together of how to live as a higher awareness human. It is a working progress.

Sustainability, living with small costs, self-production of food, minimalized usage of products and so forth are all part of the higher awareness way of living.


HAL Living is not just about you - it is also about your relationships and the ones you progress with

This little e-book is an inspiration to HAL Relationships and Progression Teams, where the goal is to work with the steps in the progression journey as a progression team.

Relationship building is like making a garden grow. Planning, selection of seeds, thinking about where to put them, seeding them, waiting for them to grow (patience), nurturing and weeding out the unwanted wildflowers if they suffocate the original ones, or letting them be if they add more color and life to the garden. And of course, navigating through outer interference, bad weather and severe storms, repairing the garden afterwards and see where these events have taken the original plan. Then, adjusting and building up again. Perhaps re-seed.

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