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The HAL YouTube Channels & Vimeo

On the HAL Channels I share my knowledge - to some degree - and different levels of information. The idea is to give updates, but also to show what can be achieved with the work. Also watch the free videos on Vimeo.


The HAL Channel

My Vimeo Channel

The HAL Perspectives Channel

The Blogs With Inspiration & Ideas

I have blogs to support the information, given in the free videos.

The Higher Awareness Blog where I touch ground with "living-your-life issues" and the HAL Perspectives.

The News & Information Blog, sharing information regarding the more "alien side of things".


The News & Information Blog

The HAL Blog

The HAL Perspectives Blog

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Every day is a chance to live your life from a double awareness, where all that you experience has an energetic level and perspective  for you to learn from.

The 2 e-books explain a bit about the Progression Journey and the HAL Progression Partnerships.


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