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I am operating with two channels. I like it that way because on one channel I post one type of information, and on the other; the HAL Channel, another type of information.

The idea behind the free material is to give you clues to what I offer. And naturally to inform, as we go along together in this life, as it is - with what is there.

What I try to convey in my free material, is that life is not just about living. It is so much more.

I want to show you, that you can achieve the higher awareness lifestyle and make life your own journey, where you determine the outcome, the events, the people in it, the ways you behave, the things you want. It all comes down to the double awareness of energy and consciousness, and your will to perform, live, express and develop all of your hidden potentials.


Naturally, I have two blogs that follow the two YouTube Channels.

The Higher Awareness Blog where I touch ground with "living-your-life issues" and

The News & Information Blog, sharing information regarding the more "alien side of things".

  • Life is a progression journey where we work with the past, present and the future that arises out of the unresolved pasts, affecting our present and determining our future.

  • Why give your power away to outer sources of unknown origin. You are all you need to be. You are it already. You have just not discovered how important and magnificent you are.

  • What is your life about? Who is driving your chariot of life? You choose how you want to live. What you want to be. What you want to express as the best version a human can be.

  • Life mirrors back to you all that you are. If you want to change the world, begin with changing yourself. How you feel and think will determine what you pull into your life.

  • Set the intention of your goals, and what you want to gain from them. Do not wait for things to come your way. Call them in by working with the energy to generate what you want in life.

  • Life is precious. It is your only life as you are now. There will never be another you, or version of you, as you think about yourself.

Randi Green

Psychotherapist, BA Theology, Economics & Business Management.

I work to add more to the future of humanity and the goals we strive for. The saying "I am just human" is not enough for me. Humanity  can become so much more.


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