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So. Now you are here on my website, thinking “oh, where do I start this study?”


Well, the steps are simple:

  1. Study the free material to see if it at all is for you. There is plenty to learn from.
  2. Then you can read the HAL Books. Not all of them; mostly the Souls of Humanity, Modern History and the Future Human Project book. The other three are optional.
  3. Or, you can jump directly to the HAL Classes, if you like. They come with text material and explanatory videos, so you get all you need there.


  1. And, of course, I would love you to complete the study by doing the Future Human Project Courses, where all that you have learned in the HAL Classes are brought to an even higher level of understanding. Including, the deeper work with the body, mind and emotions.



Developing yourself into the highest version a human can be

This is acutally the most difficult part. History proves that, right?

So, we will work with that one more time - over and over - until we nail it.


Learning to administer and transform energy, in yourself and around you

The work with energy, and your energy system, is a whole new level of understanding. Mostly in regards to your own restrictions of what is possible and not. Lots of blockages have to be removed to regain that ability.


Learning to develop consciousness again in this organic vessel

The big grand finale is the ability to progress your energy system, and from that being able to develop new skills, new perceptions and new ways of being you. The hidden content in your template - once it is cleared of the manipulation and blockages - will "descend" into your human brain, once you have rebuilt it to enable it to receive higher order information.


You have made the choice? Good.

The three steps to the progression journey with me.

One step at a time with patience, will and courage to make the changes happen.


Be patient. Its takes lots of hours to get the new terminology and the new way of thinking.

First brain twist.......


Follow the instructions in the "How to work with the material". And then read the text and watch videos. More than once.......


Read the text material and then watch the videos. Do it more than once. Doing the courses again gives the best outcome.......



Randi Green

Psychotherapist, BA Theology, Economics & Business Management.


I work to add more to the future of humanity and the goals we strive for. The saying "I am just human" is not enough for me. Humanity can become so much more.




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