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In the HAL Group Class you do the HAL Classes 1-4, the HAL Completed 1-2 and the FHP Courses 1-4 as part of a group. We meet up every second Sunday, discussing the material.

In the HAL Group Class, we work with the HAL Classes 1-4, the HAL Completed 1-2 and the Future Human Project Courses 1-4 over 16 months. We meet up twice a month in a group call, done over Skype. The idea is to discuss the material from a theoretical point of view.

To ensure the highest energy in the group call, it will not be possible to discuss personal issues or relate to personal experiences with other people. However, we will talk about the material in general terms and, if needed, I will use examples, which are identical to what you experience in your life. From that it is easy to apply to your personal experiences.

Read more about the HAL Group Class below, including dates, terms and conditions.

You sign up by paying the sign-up fee of 140 EUR. You will then pay 140 EUR per month, each month over 15 months, beginning in October 2019. The monthly payment includes the text material and videos as well as two monthly meet ups with me over Skype. The Energy Work Classes are NOT included in the course. These you will do on your own afterwards.


The HAL Group Class runs from September until December 2019 (you study on your own in January)

then from February 2020 to June 2020 (you study on your own in July-August)

and then from September 2020 until December 2020.

  • Access to the 80 explanatory videos on Vimeo from the HAL Classes 1-4, the HAL Completed 1-2 and the FHP Courses 1-4. 

  • Text material in PDF sent to you on email for the HAL Classes 1-4, the HAL Completed 1-2 and the FHP Courses 1-4.

  • Two monthly meet ups over Skype in a group call, with a short lecture followed by discussion of the monthly material.
  • I will run the September 2019 HAL Group Class with minimum 4 students and maximum 10 students.

  • If you prefer to study on your own, you can do the HAL Classes and the FHP Courses as individual study. Click on links below.

  • Next HAL Group Class will begin in February 2021. So, if you want to join this year and work with me until 2020, sign up now.

Randi Green

Psychotherapist, BA Theology, Economics & Business Management.

I work to add more to the future of humanity and the goals we strive for. The saying "I am just human" is not enough for me. Humanity  can become so much more.


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