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My books are an important part of my material. They generate the foundation for the ways I have worked since 2011, and will continue to work.

In the HAL Books the basic concepts are explained and the framework from which we are to perceive our universe, why we are here and what the purpose of it all is. Of course, as I progress and remember more, the content of my books has changed and because of that I always try to update the information in each new book, I write, so that the new levels bridge back to the old but in a higher aware form. However, I am not updating the old books.

The two most important books are:

  1. The Souls of Humanity. That is the first book to read.
  2. Modern History. That is the second book to read.

The other 3 books; Terralogy, Understanding the Old Stellar Souls, and Reconstruction of the Planetary Soul are also a good read in the mentioned order, and much regarding the humanoid template is understood reading these, as well as the paths that have led to their presence in our universe.

You can buy the books on the Internet, or here as part of a book package, where you order two books by your own choice (send me an email telling me which, when you have placed the order by using the button below) and get one 40 min Q&A on top, done over Skype. You use the Skype session to ask questions to the books, and what you need to get explained, which means that you should take notes while reading the chosen two books. The books will be sent to you on email in PDF.


Do you want to continue the progression journey with me, and the ways I show to do so?

A good idea is then to do the HAL Classes followed up by the Future Human Project Courses.

And why should you do that? Because........

  • The first most important step in the progression journey is to learn to administer your life. I focus on how to.

  • The second most important step is to clear and learn how to transform your emotions. I show you that.

  • The third most important step is to learn to manage, observe and utilize your mind-field. I teach how.
  • From these basic steps, guiding you to be the best version a human can be, the energy work is added.

  • In the energy work, you get tools to clear on the 4th to 5th level of your higher awareness, freeing your energy system.

  • And finally, the work with the template that allows you to regain the capacity to work with consciousness again.

Randi Green

Psychotherapist, BA Theology, Economics & Business Management.

I work to add more to the future of humanity and the goals we strive for. The saying "I am just human" is not enough for me. Humanity  can become so much more.


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