On Food and Energy



All pictures are from a little park in my hometown in Denmark.

I took them Summer 2016.



In the article On the Advanced Humans I talk about our work and the place we live, and how to take energetic control of these two important parts of our higher awareness lifestyle.


I have, in my blog, mentioned a bit about food and exercise. Here I will look deeper into the food we eat and the way we treat our bodies with what we put into it.


Lots of people think that becoming vegan is enough to support the progression work and to gain the correct type of energy in our cells. Well, vegans can be very unhealthy eating lots of sugar, bread and processed food based upon sources of soy, mimicking vegan food.


Now, advanced humans are not just vegans.


We are plant-fruitarians and we do not intake sugar, bread and processed food from stores, and we do not intake alcohol, smoke or use any forms of mind-altering drugs – be they natural or not.


Bread holds yeast, or similar cultures, based upon microscopic lifeforms. These lifeforms hold bio-DNA and are per definition the forestages of the higher lifeforms. In that, if we intake all sorts of microbiology, we eat another lifeform, and that is the same as eating meat. Thus, pancakes based upon water and flour are the solution to get our daily bread.

Sugar adds to an unbalanced environment in the guts, generating the fauna for energetic parasites as well as distorting the energies of the brain, which we know from sciences, is linked to the culture in the intestines. The more unbalanced the food, using too much sugar, salt and strong spices, the more unbalanced the energies of the body becomes. The cells develop their basic energy deposits from what we eat. A correct emotional and brain function begins with what we eat.


If we do our daily water-based fruities – I use bananas, berries, apples, leaves, cooked chickpeas – we get all the sugar the cells need for their glucoses processes. I drink two of these per day, intaking up to 6 pieces of fruit, every day.


And in the evening, we make our own vegetable supper, using the natural abundance our world has to offer of greens, nuts and all sorts of plant food.


Yes, tea and coffee can be part of your life too. However, cacao is a no go due to the old shamanistic properties of the bean, used in ceremonies and the like. We do not want to connect, and participate in the old ways of magic, by the things we eat.


Of course, chocolate is a goner too, unless it is based upon the carob bean. Carob is a splendid alternative to cacao and it is sustaining our environment too, contradictory to cacao that is draining the soil, it grows on.




Well, it is all about generating the highest energetic standards in the body, to allow for the higher order consciousness to be able to intersect and work through our manifest form. Which is energy. And if that energy is not working correctly, due to too low frequency or polluted food, our consciousness genetics have no environment to work through.


We remain a frequency based human with little to none higher awareness.


Thus, we accept the premises of the higher order dynamics in our progression work. Besides, it is all a matter of habit. And once the body gets used to the high energy food, it will not crave anything else. It will repel the food that most humans eat and demand the pure plant and fruit sustenance.


Of course, all we eat, we energize further by adding in more energy to the dishes, we have made. Be it our pancakes, fruities or supper. We add energy by amplifying the existing vitamins, minerals and properties of the food with our hands, heart field and intention to sustain our special and unique cellular structure. And in that, we honor the food we eat.





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