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The pictures are from Coogee in Australia..

I took them Spring 2017.



On Alchemy

True Alchemy is when energies of all of the fields of our existence interfere and alter the frequency codes into correct evolutionary cycle energy, into which consciousness of the original cycles can attach. The transitioning point is where the frequency codes changes into correct and original energy, and from there the ability to speak the hidden language of the old races.


Alternation codes and systems are activated by the hidden language of the old races. Thus, Alchemy is a science of symbols, energy and language of the old races, all manifested into a chemical procedure, where the alteration codes can express themselves into action.


The action is not the result of the outer matter, such as the new substances but the process of which the inner frequencies have been altered. This process is the transcension process, where knowledge of the real sciences meets the sciences of matter.

On Sequencing

Sequencing is when you understand that the inner perception of reality is built up by sequences of energy aka frequency codes.


The different sequences hold their own version of your inner holographic-organic possible blueprint, and you are to work with that sequence and that energy system, to determine if this is the one, you want to choose in the end cycle, i.e. be the one you want to use to awaken into. Thus, every time you leave a holographic energy system behind, and with that the energy codes it holds, the genetics and the memories as well as the implanted technologies, you go into a new sequence, where you decide whether or not this is going to be the end game awakening energy system.


The progression programs were meant to prepare for this, in a series of illusions or perception levels working with the different dimensional versions of us, into which the different scenarios, or story lines of the awakening process and the end game could be visualized, tried out and experimented with, without any harm to the surroundings.



On Transformation

Alterations that are done in genetic memory energy work change the experienced past because the changes shift the genetics to another sequence, giving them new energetic input fitting the alterations. When changes are done in the now or the past, they link the perception field of the chiasm to a new probable outcome of the progression programs, where the progression rate built by using this new perception field, determines the outcome.


The genetic past determines the current genetic composition will unfold in a probable future timeline, where the blueprint for the holographic-organic vessel is laid matching the content of the genetics and energies of the energy system in the now.


The genetics of the current state generate the future version and form the human will shift into when this lifetime is over. Thus, alterations of the genetics in the now can change both the past and the future. A human is a dynamic entity that can change its past and future by modifying the genetics it has in the present.

The Highest Standards, the Highest Principles & the Highest Progression Rate

Your holographic-organic vessel goes beyond the human vessel, and it must be awakened into the template behind your physical form, as well as into the human brain and heart fields, to be able to transform or expel the regressed, reversed and infected types of genetics in the template, and altered back to the highest potential likeness of the original vessel of this reality field, all in all the work to realign with the highest energetic standards, the highest principles and the highest progression rate.


The chosen life should honor the genetic composition in the template, to avoid creating distortion energies which means that the consciousness and energy genetic lineage and heritage should be known and from that understanding adapt the energy work and expressed life according to the composition to outlive the potentials of the genetics in the template into physical form.


The work with the template is a matter of taking back your responsibility for creating and honoring life in this solar system, and bringing your template back to be able to unfold potential life, energy and consciousness in the correct progression cycle as manifest or expressed life. Not only as a trinity of darkness, light and integration. Or male, female and child. Or good, evil and neutral. We are to go for the highest progression rate (consciousness integration via the brain field), the highest principles (correct interaction potentials with our system via the sensing level aka the heart field) and the highest energetic standards (expressed manifest form from the other two – energy and consciousness – creating our physical form), our system offers.


The progression cycle of life goes from potential life, to expressed life, using energy and consciousness to do so in a moving forward progression, leading to higher potential expressed life of consciousness and energy. That is the outgoing spiral, generating more life, energy and consciousness as the potential life is pulled into our physical form by the different forms of energy we use (developmental programs in our system interpreted as perception of our reality inner and outer), and the consciousness that is developed from that use into our brain expanding its perception sphere into higher ordered systems, ranging from personal, to others, to societal, to systemic, to universal and so forth.


Thus, set the intention to get rid of:

1) All blocking technologies in the heart, brain and body.

2) All prohibitors in brain and heart fields, including snakes and parasites (control prohibitors in the purity square, i.e. the organ area below the heart bringing the energy production down)

3) All limited programs of perception and template control.

4) Lower forms of genetics in your template (regressed Sirian, Pleadian, Orion and Grey).

5) But most important: Go for the activation of your own inner programs (mission programs inserted into your template, which you have created for the work here, and why you came here to begin with), which lead to the highest responsibility rate, and in that the highest progression, highest principles and the highest energetic standards of the full human template. These will push out all the other stuff.


Get rid of the other control systems and instead activate your own influx of the life principles into your fields in a skillful manner, which you monitor, that will protect others as well as yourself but at the same time begin the work we are here to do.


The prohibitors and blockers are different technologies and parasites than the forms in the purity quadrant, heart and brain fields, because they prevent the life principles to be expressed in you. All other forms are there to keep you in the regression cycles, or limited other worldly control systems. These prevent you from entering the full progression cycles of our system.




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