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All pictures are from a little park in my hometown in Denmark.

I took them Summer 2016.



We are here. That is a fact. Or is it? Well, it would appear, that we are here and that we exist in this world as manifested forms in a manifest world. Which to a certain extent is correct.


However, if we look deeper into that understanding, we must acknowledge the fact that the manifested is energy. A bit frozen and stiff, one might add, but still energy and that, that energy, to its very core is mostly empty space. Or that is what science tells us.


So, what is it? Empty space or solid forms? And how can solid forms arise from empty space? A mystery in itself. But what if that space in fact is not empty but consists of layers and layers of other types of energies? Then the empty space, measured by our primitive equipment, is suddenly not so empty. It is only because science does not operate with multilayered energy, yet.


Okay. In that, let us forget normal science. They only got bits and pieces of the whole picture anyways.


Now, we are not jumping onboard the old spiritual teachings with the astral and mental planes here. Spirituality is not the goal of my work since these models are equally outdated. We are not going to follow up on the quantum sciences either, because that is just a minor part of the greater picture. No, we must think above and beyond what we have learned. It is time for a brain twist and new exercises for the brain muscles to make the good old dura mater go to work. It has been dormant long enough, to such a degree that the blood flows of the brain almost have scrimped into a minimal use, and in that has downsized the energy flow of the brain. The brain of most humans are to a vast degree dead flaccid matter.

Hey! This is where you come in and add the hey. “Do not be offensive!” Well, it is a fact. And if the brain works, it only consumes energy from the frequency bands and not from the multilayered energies our world is composed of, as it was supposed to work with too. For now, the brain is an empty space consumption machine.


So, hey back, what are we to do about that?


Well for starters, you stop consuming dead matter such as meat, fish, poultry, call it whatever you like and processed food from the stores. Eating death, dead animals, is the same as consuming decay and that does not help the brain or the body to energize and get up to speed.


On the contrary. The diet of humanity today is dead, without any real energy and based upon giving a stuffed feeling in the gut.


Yeah, yeah. I get it. Science tells you that you get proteins and ALL that you need from dead animals and the food in the stores put there to generate a marked and subsequently income, feeding the consumer-money machine. Of course, science says so, being brain dead as they are and consumers of meat too.


Hey! “Don’t be offensive”. Sorry. I cannot help it. Anyways it lightens up the text and makes a point. Dead brains cannot think brilliant thoughts and as you know, the blind leads the blind into the grave, literally. Therefore, enough with the listening to the clever voices not really using their capacity either and back to re-inventing all that you know.



Again. The brain is supposed to work with multilayered energy. Not just frequencies. These are the basis, for the basic functions of the body, keeping the cells in order using repulsion and retraction. And to get the frequencies to the point, where they can work in a higher speed, you have to eat food that has living energy such as fruits and vegetables. Oh dear, oh dear. Yes, you are to become a fruitarian or planteater (plantarian) all depending on body type and genetic composition – no, not blood type. That can be altered in a heartbeat with the correct instruments, which of course we do not have in the human world yet; only in the other worlds that are part of our reality.


Blood types are inconsequential and an effect of the frequency band used by the cells in the body, which for most part are engineered to perform in a certain way, of which the blood type plays a role. Ups. Slipped there and forgot the order of things, taking you slowly into a new system of thought, getting all ahead of myself.


So, high energy food with lots of vitamins, minerals and proteins. And not processed, unless you process it yourself. Raw, natural and uncooked is of course the best way to eat, unless the vegetable can only be eaten if cooked but then perhaps another more eatable type is to prefer? Nature is engineered to provide food that is eatable and what is too much hassle is typically for the animals and not humans. That should give a good foundation for the body and brain to work in a better way.

In the beginning, there were the green food made for humans and the green food made for animals. And both were given to ensure that all had the nourishment they needed to exist. That was the beginning.


After the other worlds had been engineered of course, with all that they held of advanced technology, higher developed humans and races from other universes, coming here to experiment.


Thus, on the first day, in the outer worlds, the humans saw that green food was good, and that they had to become vegetarians, fruitarians and vegans, living peacefully side by side with the animals living in harmony of the wealth the world, they lived in, provided to them.


And on the second day, there were no more killings, no more violence and no more pain. And all was good.




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