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All pictures are from Coogee in Australia.

I took them Spring 2017.



When we talk about enlightenment and why we do this work, we often have the idea of a guru sitting on a mountain top, being all pure and made sacred, as in the meaning of being separated from the world.


There is an old, I think, Buddhist saying that states:

Before the enlightenment; chop wood, fetch water.

After the enlightenment; chop wood, fecth water.


The goal of our work is not to become sacred in the understanding of us not being able to be in the world, or perceiving it as impure, foul and tainted. We live in it and the goal is not to refrain from it, but to learn to master it.


Now, many teachings have entirely focused on the love and light side of our reality. There have been many good reasons for that. One of them is that what you focus on, you give energy and humanity and the reality - we currently are part of - has for various reasons and purposes been pushed into a setting, we for lack of better words, could call regressed.

The choice of handing over teachings to humanity, with the focus on the positive forces of polarity (the energy side of things and not duality, since duality goes with the emotional value systems), was deliberately chosen after the Great Polarity Wars in the Middel Ages, outplayed in the skys of our manifest world.


Here all of the teachings regarding the other side of our reality, was hidden into only the few to ensure that these forces would not be in the hands and minds of the impure, and less knowledgeable not knowing how to deal with these forces.


Unfortunately, the opposing forces were not satisfied with this division, and since the Middle Ages, they have plotted to pull the attention of humanity in their direction, which we now see the effects of with the full pull into the reversed programs, beginning in the 1980´s and completed in 2013, after the big doomsday waves that swept over the nations with the Maya teachings, opening up the gates of the Netherworlds, as well as the big disasters in 2001 (the Twin Towers) and the tsunami in 2004, and other similar events. Fortunately the gates to the Netherworlds, on a globale scale, are in the process of closing down.



The Kraken is the great sea monster. It alludes to the Leviathan of the old Testament, from which our current world setting is connected to; the chaos powers or the opposing forces.


The Kraken has had many names and changed into many versions all depending on time, culture and the state of awareness of humanity. It is typically seen as a mythological creature, when in fact it is a symbol of forces onto which our very reality is bridged.


Since the opposing forces of regression and foul creatures have succeeded in pulling the awareness of humanity into their worlds, we are to face them in our work. We can of course ignore them, and that is a valid choice too, or go through them as the bold but stupid warrior, right into the mouth of the monster, with our sword and our wits as the only weapons; where the sword is the symbol of our mental capacity, our ability to discern and make wise choices, while we are swallowed into the chaos powers of our world.

Going into the Kraken is not for all. That is for sure. The Kraken chooses its contestants and choose them wisely. There is a lot to learn from the journey into the belly of the beast, and the ones that survive it - getting out on the other side - come out stronger, wiser and transformed. Transformed in a way that is for the few. That is the narrow path as referred to in all ancient texts. The broad path is for the many; that is the ones that choos the convenient progression path.


We have learned that this world is a school of pain and suffering. It is not. It is a beautiful world of forces and powers we can master, if we choose to do so. Either on both sides of the fence, or only one of them. The pain and suffering arise from the breaking down of the ego structure that prefers comfortable, controllable inner and outer settings. In this not much progression is achieved. The ego controls the inner hidden energy system with all of the true progression principles and in that way, we could say that the opposing powers have pushed humanity, or the ones that were ready, into the abyss to develop themselves by forcing them to face the chaos powers. However, since the very same forces have not given us the correct tools to play out the chaos scenario to progress, a lot of humans having done this journey since the 1980´s, are instead of being in the full process of progression and leaving behind the chaos power, stuck in the reversed programs of mind and emotions run by the opposing forces, amplifying them by only focusing on them.


So, it is time for us to get out on the other side, slay the Kraken and transform its sorry ass into the correct highest progression rate, the work with the chaos powers lead to, the correct use of the highest principles and the correct highest energetic standards of what a human can become.




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