On the Higher and Lower Order



The pictures are from Coogee and Clovelly in Australia..

I took them Spring 2017.



Well, humans are humans, right? With all their weird ways of thinking and feeling, which, by the way, are unnatural to most otherworldly systems and generates nothing but chaos (distortion energy) on the inside and the outside of the human vessel. And how did that happen in an engineered world with little to no chances of chaos or disorder?


That is the good question, we are to ask ourselves. How did a well-orchestrated experiment end in that type of human capacity, we have today?


Of course, sequences of unfortunate events. That is enough to answer the question. There are always the ones that want something else than the majority and they always screw things up. As above so below and so with the advanced races running the things out here. End of story. And no, no no, no fallen angels here and no heaven. And definitely no god or gods. Let us not get into these old stories made up by humans not knowing better AFTER they lost their brain capacity and multilayered knowledge from the other systems, they used to be part of.


I prefer our new beginning here. We have ordered things into no killing, and living in harmony becoming green food eaters. That is the first step each and one of us can take. Living in peaceful co-existence with the other lifeforms here.


And no, no drugs, alcohol, opiates, DMT, peyote, ayahuasca, cannabis, etc or cigarettes. That destroys the ability to access multilayered energy too no matter what the uses of these things have of experiences. All these people do is to hallucinate aka access the cellular distortion layers and deep core levels of the brain by altering the frequencies of perception using the mind-altering drug. The brain is multilayered in its structure and it stores images, and that is what is accessed. Not secondary realities, outer or inner for that matter. Or, you could call it the subconscious but of course, where is that placed? In the brain of course, in the layers of the brain, being a storing unit of energy, information and impulses aka images and sound, which fires up when the brain area is activated.

So, humans and what they see is controlled by their brains. Inner and outer, and what has no order in the normal frequency bands are pushed into deeper layers of the brain, becoming the subconscious. A little too simple but it will do. There is a higher and lower order of information in the brain and all are run by frequencies, as things are now. Day time settings and night time settings, using different areas of the brain and in that produces different inner perception and images. Differently ordered information. The same idea is found in the multilayered realities; they work in the same way as higher and lower ordered systems of information.


Hmm, this is where you say: “Yes, I have heard about multilayered and densities and that other lifeforms exist there.” Now, let us add a bit to it; multilayered are ordered systems of energy and information. I would like us to cut loose the idea of multilayered. Itis too restricted and is based upon systems of thought that is not beneficial for our new beginning, starting anew. Okay. Our reality is ordered in systems of energy and information of a lower and higher order.


Sorry, I know too technical but the information and the ordered systems are kind of important to understand who you are. Does that not make you curious? That you have a higher and lower ordered systems in which your brain operates and assist you in your self-understanding, inner perception and the vast access, you have in your brain to the hidden knowledge of this system, and beyond, giving you the answers of who you are?


Then you ask: “Who am I. Tell me.”


You are energy and consciousness ordered in higher and lower systems of information matching outer and inner higher and lower systems of information, called multilayered worlds, or pockets. And this is where you yearn and say: “Seriously? Is that all you can come up with? It´s like saying we are strawberries or something stupid. It gives no meaning.” But it does. And it broadens your perception of what you are, taking you away from the limited and frozen-in ideas of matter and forms.



In experimental science with energy, it has been discovered that energy units called atoms (full of empty space) unfold from outer to inner, where the inner levels of energy are of a higher order - as in more energized and less dense - than the energies on the outside. The energies on the outside, are of the lower order, which are less energized and dense. Lower order thus means less energized or with less potentials and less information, whereas higher order energy is more energized, holds more potentials and thus more information.


Our outer body is a low order system. On the outside because on the inside, when we go in and in, it becomes a high order system and only the brain and the heart, with their capacity to work with high order information and energy, can detect and perceive that.


So, a lesser working brain and heart only sense the lesser order and the few information layers of our reality, whereas a higher working brain and heart sense the higher order and the vast information our reality holds; on the inside.


The multilayered realities are not just perceived out there. They are also perceived in there. Higher order systems are unfolded into less dense energy settings and with higher potential information. It is the empty space. The inner empty space of an atom. Not the empty space of the universe, because the universe is far from empty.


It only appears so from the lower order of things, using the lower order frequency bands and information layers of the brain. All lower order things, beings, atoms, DNA, technology and so forth are multilayered and have a higher order hidden in a higher ordered system, perceived from the inside. Thus, all information and energy in the higher order is non-local; it permeates through all lower ordered systems affecting them from inside and out.




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