On the Soul



All pictures are from a little park in my hometown in Denmark.

I took them Summer 2016.



The soul, the soul, the soul. That is always in the minds of the people I talk to and the way, they perceive the higher ordered systems as if the only thing that exist in the higher ordered realities are souls. This assumption is one of the most masterly created false information layers humans struggle with in this work.


The worst part is that they do not acknowledge how conceptualized they are in that assumption, working with the concept of Souls and Source. I am not belittling you here. But the idea just pops up without further consideration when people begin to work with inner information. Well, the double S is a totally hivemind set up, where energy systems are linked up to one big entity, getting energy from the lower parts, and into which all the parts return when they are done burning off their energy and consciousness in the triadic forms inside the artificial and program controlled realities under the Source. So, people, could we please get the real soul get on the stage, make a proper introduction and leave the false one in the wardrobe?


Triad means three in Greek, Dyad means two and monad means one. In that there is consciousness, which is the monadic level and no, not Source or god. Please drop that thought right there. There is no god. God, as a concept, is someone you invented, or humans did. The monadic plane is a state of existence. Or plain and simple; existence. And existence is consciousness.


Consciousness is all there is and all there is, is such a high ordered system that it permeates through all systems, ordered in high and low, which means that the monadic plane is everywhere, high and low, and yes, it is in you too because that is your consciousness units.



Now, most humans today have little high order energy to fuel up the higher ordered system in them, holding the consciousness units and they use the lowest ordered system called mind, frequencies and cellular impulses, aka brain waves unfolding the imprinted and indoctrinated belief systems and knowledge they have got from sources such as parents, school, sciences, media etc.


Therefore, humans in our world, have little to none awareness of real consciousness and little to none awareness of the highest ordered system that reside in them, hidden in layers of their internal energy system. The old question where is god, is simple: god is in you, god is you, god is part of you. You are source, and you are the source of all creation in you and around you. So, with that in place, god and source can now leave the stage too, go to their crafts and leave our world for good, with all their technology, programs and hivemind set up.


Consciousness units need energy to express existence.


Consciousness alone is existence but without expression, and in that consciousness alone, in the monadic state, is not existence but the potentials of existence. With that in place, consciousness units are potential existence, which in touch with energy (waves, units or as fields) become existence, expressed through energy as waves, units or fields.


Now, when did energy come on to the stage? Good question. When did consciousness? Nobody knows. These two forms of potential existence (consciousness) and expressed existence (energy) have always been around, in this universe, in other universes and otherworldly parallel systems. They are the foundation of all there is in all universes, inhabited or non-inhabited.

You can travel to a non-inhabited universe, which never has had one single human or alien living there and potential existence (consciousness) and expressed existence (energy) will be there as if someone created a zillion universes, ready to inhabit lifeforms in advance, and yes, yes someone did a very long time ago.


These races are so old and come from a previous cycle of potential existence and expressed existence of an even higher and older order, and they inhabited universes that came from even older universes and races of an even older and higher order, and so on. It goes into infinity and there is no beginning and no ending to the infinite universes and the ones that sprouts out of potential existence (consciousness) and expressed existence (energy).


The only thing we do know is that potential existence and expressed existence work through universes and their developmental cycles, which hold a sort of coding, called principles. The principles are the laws and rules of the potential existence (consciousness units) and expressed existence (energy), which can be unfolded in that universe and thus all universes hold their own set of rules and laws to be followed for all races living there. This is the reason why we travel to new universes to learn to handle the potentials, the energy there and the principles, these are expressed through.

The dyad is formed of potential existence (consciousness units) and expressed existence (energy as waves, units or fields). When the first dyads arose, nobody knows because the dyadic energy system was engineered a very long time too by some very advance races, knowing how to build in potential existence and expressed energy, using what is called code sheets. Code sheets are fields of light language, all matching the system, the code sheets were made in. Hence there are multiple code sheets, multilayers as with everything else, in the dyad as well as its potential energy units, waves and fields to unfold the sequences of the code sheets into existence, aka a triad.


A dyad is something you add more into, when you are in your triadic form, aka engineered vessel to be able to exist in the chosen universe, and its principles. You need a vessel to learn to master the principles of the place, you exist in, and when you master the principles of a system, or a universe, you work with the expressed energy and from that the consciousness units in your dyad grows, expands and multiply, expressing more and more consciousness potentials into form using first units, then waves and finally as fields.


And the more you have travelled around, taking on new triadic forms by your own free will and in systems of your liking, the stronger and bigger the dyad becomes until one day it is a big as a star.


When that happens, the dyad can choose to go into even larger universes, where humans are as big as stars, working with the extreme high ordered systems or divide into several minor dyads, becoming the origin of these, expressing itself into multiple universes at the same time, mastering potential consciousness and energy there. It is all cycles of different forms of existence.




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