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All pictures are from a little park in my hometown in Denmark.

I took them Summer 2016.



There are few of the old tools left from the heydays of the ancient teachings. Tarot cards are one of them, and in my remembering they date back to ancient Egypt long before the current version of Egypt arose.Ancient Egypt had its prime time some 12,500 years ago.


Ancient Egypt arose out of the reversed Atlantis, as an attempt to restore and undo the deeds of the dark ones, which took over Atlantis after the reversal some where around the 3rd cycle in the fourth run through of our worlds after the reversal hit in the first run through in the 6th cycle, pushing us all back in time and into the reversed-non reversed versions of our worlds.


In that, the original restorting programs of Atlantis of the first run through - to restore the templates, genetics and organic forms of the future advanced human races, which in the wars of the 5th cycle of the second run through, got pulled into the dark universes that had arisen from the 3rd cycle of the first run through (the timeline event cf. Souls of Humanity) - the very same forces, some of the opposing forces (also future advanced humans) conspired with in the great wars of the 6th cycle, where we all got pushed back in time.

Now, the version of the Tarot I prefer to use is the Rider-Waite deck. I have stripped the cards entirely of their original meaning, and separated them from the original thought form and use. In that, I have used the division powers to ensure that the law of participation (energy link up) is not at play.


The Tarot cards symbolize the sequences of the reversed programs, covering 21 "days" or individual cycles of each month, where we can play to undo the transgression rate, or the connection points to the reversed inner realities controlling layers of our template aka the holographic energy system. In the reversal our original templates got infused with the reversed genetics of the 6th cycle humans, as well as the infected dark genetics of the dark ones. These need to be cleared out. As you can read in the article Into the Kraken, this work is only for the few but all humans on this planet, to this very day, have got the infected and reversed genetics in the template hidden behind their physical form, which is why many of the old templates have been sealed off to protect this reality.


Unfortunately, it is only possible to clear this out if there is a larger amount of viable, original progression genetics in the template, pushing the lower levels of the template to activate and begin the clearing work.



As with all "magical" or energetic tools, leading our perception to the inner worlds, we have to know what we are dealing with. It is not prudent to engagne in hidden reality sciences blindfolded and unaware.


All of the old tools, we have in our reality today, are part of the reversed factions and their teachings to lure the participant into the depth of the reversed inner worlds. Here the unaware gets more and more linked up the reversed programs, aka the inner perception ideas, information, visions and forces, drawing energy from the template of the unaware.


In the human form, the unaware does not know what he or she has engaged in, and thinks that this is a funny tool when in fact it is a consent formula binding the unaware to the dark or reversed worlds.


However, in the hands of the clever one, the ancient tools can be transformed and restored back to their original purposes, used as mirrors of the hidden powers of the non-reversed programs to do the progression work.

Summa summarum, in our progression and clearing work, we choose our tools with great care. We investigate the origin, the thought forms and who created them. We sense the energies, clear out all of our tools of their original intent and energy settings, also known as energy codes. Energy codes and their generated fields are the very foundation of which our reality is built and by clearing them of the existing codes (intent and energy) we can separate them from the ones that created them.


Naturally, we are only allowed to do so with tools that are old, have many versions and are not "owned" by anyone. They have to be public, so to speak. And then we only separate them, and claim them energetically - setting the codes for our purpose - for our own use. We do not resell our transformed tools. If we do so, we add to the transgression rate, i.e. the very same rate we are trying to clear out.


If we are to sell anything, as part of our progression work to seed in new creational project with the purpose of creating new energy, new paradigms and new ways of generating a manifest world, we only sell our own creations, our own ideas and our own inventions. It is against all of the laws to take the old tools and redefine them for public use, so to speak. But in the private use, we are allowed to do so.




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