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There is no refund of payments done.


The HAL Class Basic Private is for the ones that want to do the class on their own or need a more loose schedule to fit into a busy daily life, needing flexibility and room for self-study.


You can choose your private class session on the following days; Wednesday, Fridays or Saturdays between 6PM to 8PM Danish time. The first payment covers text material, energy work videos and two class sessions with me. After that, you book classes as it suits you.


Check your time difference here.


The classes take about 60 minutes (later on only 30 min, if you choose so) and is done over Skype as an individual call. If you can, you should record the class, so you can listen to the content again later on.


The classes will teach and cover the following:

  • Theoretical information about the concepts of our reality (incl. other worldly human races and the old projects here), why we do the work, the template, activation psychology and more (text material will be sent to you on email beforehand).
  • Energy work exercises presented on videos on Vimeo.
  • Sharing of higher awareness knowledge that is relevant for you.
  • Developing the higher awareness as part of your ego structure.
  • Talk about your experiences from your daily life and energy work.
  • And what is important in your work.


The classes will unfold as the following

- Questions to the material. I expect you to self-study and in the classes ask what you need me to elaborate to get a full grip of things.

- The remaining time we will do personal work. I will ask you how you have been since the last time we spoke and how it was to do your energy work, and you will share what you have experienced and had dealt with in your energy work. You can also share things you find challenging in this work, such as personal issues of a more private nature and I will use this to teach you in depth.


I am not doing therapeutic work, only teaching and using the personal stuff to give the higher levels of information that is needed for this work.


You sign up by paying the first payment. You place the first two classes in agreement with me on Wednesdays, Fridays or Saturdays 7PM or 8PM Danish time.


Then you schedule further classes by booking either 30 or 60 min classes with me.




A private enterprise with the goal of providing skills and knowledge to initiate personal and global changes.



Use contact page or email here:

Email 1 : toveje@toveje.dk

Email 2 : toveje@live.dk



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