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The Student Individual Sessions is an offer to the students of the HAL Classes to add up the energy work by working with me, while doing the HAL Classes or continue the progression work with me, one on one, after you have completed the HAL Basic Class.


The session is done over Skype as an individual call and you can choose between 30 min or 60 minutes.


In the individual sessions, we focus on the areas you need to work with, in terms of personal issues or to clear out your emotional & mental fields as well as the work on the body. Template work with to some degree be part of the sessions if levels of the template surface on their own.


I will ask you how you have been since the last time we spoke and how it was to do your energy work, and you will share what you have experienced and had dealt with in your energy work. You can also share things you find challenging in this work, such as personal issues of a more private nature and I will use this to teach you in depth.


The sessions with me will mainly unfold as coaching, explanations, as well as instructions on how to do your energy work to get the results in between the sessions, so you can progress further using your own resources, insights and knowledge.


The goal with the individual sessions is to get you to master the ability to work independently, trusting your inner knowledge, information and intuition to build up your self confidence in the work and the changes this will lead to in your life.



You book a session by paying the fee on PayPal.


You can choose either 30 min or 60 min.


When I have received the payment, I will contact you on email with further information and confirmation.


There is no refund for payments done.




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