How to Begin the Progression Work


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How to even begin this work and how to approach it?


The first question, you might ask yourself is if you are fit for the work? Well, are you? If you want to do the work, you can do it - but of course it is not for the faint at heart.


Now, hopefully you are still eager to learn about what the work is all about and what it can do for you.


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Will it change your life? It will for sure change your perception of life - the physical reality is for you to change with the tools you learn in the HAL Classes.


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So, how do you get started?


1. You begin with the HAL Basic Energy Work Class. You take this, and all of the other classes, on an individual basis. In the class is integrated two 40 min Q&A sessions with me, it contains 9 energy work videos and text material about the different races that have been part of our reality field and the human projects here. The HAL Basics will teach you the fundamental energy work and the text material will give you a frame of reference to understand the density and dimensional races of our system.


2. Then you can continue into the HAL Advanced Classes of which there are 4 classes. They all hold videos, text material and two 40 min Q&A sessions with me.


3. When you are in the classes, you can add the individual sessions to your work, where you can do the deeper progression and individual work. The Q&As are meant as sessions for the class, whereas the individual sessions are for the extra in depth work.


4. You supplement the HAL Advanced Class 4 with your own template reading, where you get to know what holographic-organic genetics you hold.


With the completion of the HAL Basics and the HAL Advanced Classes, you are good to go deeper into your progression journey with me.


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In the HAL Psychology Classes - to come in Autumn 2018 - we work in depth with our relations, the new ways of being human as well as the new approaches to parenting.

Then there is the HAL Business, if you are thinking about starting your own business using the HAL Principles for building and creating a new type of business culture. The idea behind HAL Business is to use the energetic approach and add it to all existing business principles, tools and ways we are doing business today. We learn to operate in an energetic reality setting when we build our businesses and doing our creational work as part of a greater reality perception.


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I do personal coaching to boost your performance as well as business consulting, and the ways you can build up your personal business using the HAL Business approach.


As the last branch on the progression work tree, you can get a membership of the HAL Club, where I month by month continue the progression work into new articles and videos.


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And of course, not to forget, my books. They are a good read and quite important to get the fundamental concepts in place for the Classes. Go to my Books.




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