Template Reading



Get an overview of the holographic-organic genetics you hold

In the reading I look into your holographic-organic consciousness genetics, and the work you need to do to get started with the progression work to gain higher awareness. You will receive a written overview of your holographic-organic template to work from, and then we schedule an 1 hour meet up over Skype, where you ask questions to the reading and other relevant questions.


Regarding the reading and the effects on your template

My reading of the template will lead to a bit of clearing of your higher order genetics but is not to be taken as a sign of activation. The work with the template is for you to do in the progression work, taught in the HAL Classes, beginning with the HAL Basic Class.


Regarding the genetic composition

The genetics of the higher order hold the consciousness units within them and not as our current bio-DNA that only hold the electromagnetic frequency codes. The template with the genetics is the field into which the advanced genetics are inserted and with that, the consciousness structure that belongs to these genetics, as in being part of them. It is possible for us to revive that higher order level into our human bio-DNA, when we have cleared these of their distortions, since the original type of holographic-organic consciousness genetics are spliced into them, or are a natural part of them.


The template reading is part of the HAL Classes

The way to work with the reading, its information and the progression work it alludes to, will only make fully sense if you do the HAL Advanced Classes too. Read about the classes here.


The practical stuff

1) I need a recent full-figure photo of you (dressed) to read from. A selfie in front of a mirror is fine. Just make sure that the phone is not covering the throat and heart areas.

2) I will make the template reading, writing down the information I get from the photo.

3) I will send you the written template reading and arrange for time and date for the template Q&A session, of 1 hour, where you can ask questions to your template reading.

4) You will get the reading within 2-3 weeks.



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