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True wealth is the ability to unfold and express your true potential self in fully lived unfolded life, creations and postitive interactions with reality and with other humans.




I appreciate your contribution to my work. It will help me launch projects and new books, all to generate new approaches to our reality and what it means to be human. New approaches that over time will generate humans with an energetic awareness of self-responsibility and self-mastery to create the world, they find to be the best for the good of many in a setting of respect and understanding.


Most of the work I do is for free. And I prefer it to be so since change takes time.


However, if you have enjoyed the free material, I would be happy if you would return the favor and donate.


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You Choose



What is your life about? Who is driving your chariot of life? You choose how you want to live. What you want to be. What you want to express as the best version a human can be.



What More to Get?



What is the most important thing in life?

Life itself, of course. And then what you want to unfold into your life. What you choose to give, share, manifest, develop and express.



Enjoy more of Life



Life is precious. It is your only life as you are now. There will never be another you, or version of you, as you think about yourself. So grasp every straw of fulfilled life that is offered to you.



Be Creative



Set the intention of your goals, and what you want to gain from them. Do not wait for things to come your way. Call them in by working with the energy to generate what you want in life.



You Are All Already



We have learned that we need to become more. Learn more. Do more to be good enough. The truth is that you are already good enough. All you need to be. You just have to re-discover it.



Take Responsibility



What you want is your responsibility to create. If you are discontent with what is out there, then make something new. Become someone new. Do things in a new way and change the world.




In all sciences of reality there is flow. There has to be flow. Where there is no flow, there is death and stagnation. So, all has to circulate, change, adapt and progress to be in the natural order of things.


As humans living in a dynamic interactive or mirror system, we have to learn to be adaptable, changeable and progressable too. If we stay put, we go into stagnation, shutting the dynamics of life out of our energy system.


Beliefsystems create stagnation of mind. Emotional stagnation is another, created out of fear of pain, or loss or whatever. Life is flow. It is up and it is down.


Today might seem less fun, tomorrow too but then all is forgotten as a new day arise. No need to cling on to the old pain or loss because that was days ago and not in the now.




What is the progression work and how do you begin?

Watch the videos below to get started and get the insights on what it means, and where it leads to.



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I work to add more to the future of humanity and the goals we strive for. The saying "I am just human" is not enough for me. I am more than just a human. Humanity has barely scratched the surface of what we can become.