The Transcension Process




Becoming all you were meant to be



Introduction to the Work

The inner work you do in the transcension process, where you begin the awakening, is clearing out the lower forms of energy that controls your body, your mind, emotions and energy system.


You work your way back through all that you have been and have experienced to be able to reconnect to the true version of you.


This entails the work with the memories contained in the genetics and the residual energies they produce. Some memories are not yours; you see yourself as a bystander, or it feels as something “not really you”.


You face your transgressions and progressions, inside and outside this system. The memories are triggered when the template genetics have been activated and are aligned with the consciousness potentials, you had when entering this system. With that comes your true knowledge and the sciences of your own scheme. Your original holographic-organic vessel goes beyond the in-program human vessel and the ISP, and its blueprint must be awakened into the template behind your physical form, as well as into the human mind, to be able to transform, or expel, the old type of energy and genetics in your current template, and altered back to the highest potential likeness of the original vessel of this reality field, all in all the transcension.


It is not about just cleansing out the energies in you. That is the work with the particle layers. The higher work is to remember, and to transcend all that we have become, because it cannot be transformed unless we become who we truly are. All that we are have to be purified, activated, transcended and then we transfer. We transfer our perception, energy and consciousness back the original structure of this system aka the first colonies. The original human races.

What you get?

The goal is to get you to a place, where you can manage the energies in your body, emotions and mind, and from that be able to create the reality you want. The process includes the work with everyday life and the best way you can live out your potentials. All sessions are done over Skype.


How to do?

1) You book a First Talk Session, where we get to know each other, and we see if this work together is a good idea.

Price 70 EUR incl. VAT


2) Then you book a Template Reading, so I get the overview of what we are to work with. The reading includes the first one hour session, where we talk about the reading and the work, you are to do.

Price 145 EUR incl. VAT


3) The best way to go about it is to have a session with me every third week, where we do the talk & work session to get the progression going. Each session takes 1 hour. Price 80 EUR incl. VAT


Psychotherapist, Clairvoyant & Author.


I do not work for us to go home but for us to rebuild this system. We are to complete the mission we took unto ourselves. We do not quit. We prevail and complete, what we started.

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Completing the new website.

Jan 13, 2017


Beginning my the work for 2017 with details of how to live the Higher Awareness Life.

Jan 14, 2017

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