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My books are the results of my own process of remembering and attempting to piece the information together I got from the work with my consciousness units, template and energy system.

They are also an attempt to provide us with new thought forms and energy from which we can begin the work with a new understanding of what a human is and can become.

I have chosen in the first books to bridge into the known concept, and then gradually expand into the more correct terminology to give them new energy and pull them out of the existing teachings.

Later on, I only use my own language, which is the English equivalent to the template concepts and information.

My books give a lot of answers to the many forms of questions that are out there.


-   Background Information

-   Reality Build Up

-   What is a Soul? Technically...

-   The Humanoid Races

-   The Human Projects

-   The Alien Technology


The Souls of Humanity


Get the fundamental concepts and the historical background for the new interpretation of what a soul actually is, and how our Reality is built up.




If you want to know more about the humanoid genetics and how to activate them, this is the book to read. Instructions of how to activate them are part of the book.


Understanding the Old Stellar Souls


In this book, I share 30 examples of template readings, done in 2015. They show some good examples of why it is difficult for Humanity to activate and wake up to their full potentials.

Reconstruction of the Planetary Soul


In this book, I give my first attempt to explain how our reality is composed and how humans, and our reality are interlinked. There is more to be explored to get the full understanding.


Modern History


This book is another must read to get the understanding of the humanoids operating here, and when they came in. It explains some of the later issues compared to historical background.


Doing the Conscious Evolution (Not Published Yet)


This book is in the making and will refine, and upgrade many of the concepts in my books, as well as the ones I have developed in the classes and courses.


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