HAL Advanced Energy Work


What You Get



The payment covers 7 energy work videos (40-50 min each) uploaded on Vimeo, and one 40 min Q&A with me over Skype. The membership on Vimeo is for free.




In the HAL Advanced Energy Work, I show how to clear the advanced issues that can rise up in the template work with holographic inserts, AI program cubes, the snakes in the spine, etc. All the needed work to clear yourself of the old humanoid timelines.


The HAL Advanced Energy Work Class covers the following

  • Removal of holographic inserts allowing for field intrusion.
  • Removal of the snakes in the spine and heart field.
  • The tracking of clones and how to delete them.
  • How to evaporate genetics in yourself and human clones.
  • And other important levels of energy work to clear the humanoid genetics.


The Q&A will unfold as follows

- Questions to the material. I expect you to do the work and in the Q&A ask what you need me to elaborate to get a full grip of what you experience.

- If you do not have any questions, or run out of them, I will ask you questions instead.


The HAL Advanced Energy Work is taken as self-study

This means that you can take the class anytime you like and when it suits you to do the Q&A.


In the Q&A I am using your questions to give you the higher awareness levels of information, needed for your understanding of the material. However, it will reflect where you are in your level of understanding and what you need to know.


How to Sign Up



You sign up by paying the amount on PayPal. When I get the notification from PayPal, I will as soon as possible send you a confirmation to the email address you have used on PayPal. The instructions on how to proceed etc. will be in this email.



Unlimited Access to the Videos



Once you have got access to the videos on Vimeo, you can access the videos as you please and do the class in your own pace. It is a good idea to do the energy work while watching the videos.



You Do the Q&A as You Please



When you sign up, I register your 40 min Q&A and when you are ready, you contact me on email toveje@toveje.dk so we can schedule the Q&A.




What is the progression work and how do you begin?

Watch the videos below to get started and get the insights on what it means, and where it leads to.



Write me an email

Email: toveje@toveje.dk

Or use contact form: Contact



There is no refund on payments done but it is possible to shift between products.



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Thursday: 12pm - 10pm Danish time

Saturday: 12pm - 10pm Danish time

Sunday: Only Classes

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