My Background

Hi there, Randi Green here...

I have worked as a professional psychotherapist (existential psychotherapy) & optimal life coach since 2010. During the last 12+ years, I have talked to many people from all over the world. I have a Bachelor degree in Theology from the University of Copenhagen (I am not religious, but needed to understand the Bible from a scientific point of view, and how to read it in ancient Hebrew, ancient Greek and Latin).

I am examined at Copenhagen Business School in Organization, Management and Human Resources and began my work life within that field. Over time I have taken additional courses and certificates within small business accounting, small business economics, marketing, strategies for growth, computer sciences and psycho-religious studies. I am a licensed healer too.

From my work over the years with clients and from personal experiences, I have developed the concepts of the Higher Awareness Lifestyle.

The HAL Project Open Resources and the HAL Academy Online Courses are teaching the higher order sciences to assist and progress humanity.

Being excellent in one modality of life, gives ground to excel in other aspects too because the dynamics are the same. Learning to master the base program with all of its emotional rollercoasters and mental deception technologies were less difficult in the ancient days, no doubt about that. In contrast the physical life was much harder and was made this way as the biggest obstacle back then.

Today the biggest obstacles are our emotional and mental fields and the mastering of these, which is why the HAL Project material focus a lot on the lower fields. Clearing these old fields of their content – including past lives content - is a life´s work in itself, and being able to efficiently and quickly mastering these, including the physical realm, is one of the signs of mastery today, simply because it shows you have learned it already in previous lifetimes and are now just catching up, so to speak, and ready to move on.

Where does the HAL Material Stand out?

There are two main sentences that must be understood when we talk about the HAL Material and its progression work: These are How to Develop the Personal Growth Potentials and How to Obtain Higher Awareness.

It can be difficult to see where the HAL Material differs from the other alternatives that are out there, working with the same ideas, and in many ways – if I say that the HAL Material is based upon higher order scientific concepts, that the higher awareness lifestyle is a philosophy and it is cross-disciplinary – it will not mean a lot to most.

And most, I am sorry to say so, back out the moment I use words known from business and general science.

The general lingo within the alternate reality field is different and based upon a mainly positive vibe. And the followers of this trend like it that way – it is an alternative to an unreconciling world full of pain and hardship. Made that way, if I may add. So, I get it. Been there, done that but this approach of choosing the pink cloud method to what is really going on never really appealed to me. It is not my thing.

Licensed Psychotherapist, BA of Theology,

Examined Studies in Human Resources,

Strategy & Management, Business & Administration

Years of Practice: 12+


BA Theology, University of Copenhagen (2010-2013)

Licensed Psychotherapist - Existential Psychotherapy (1998-2001)

Organisation & Management, Copenhagen Business School (1994-1996)

Additional Courses & Certificates

Psychological First Aid, Johns Hopskins University, Coursera (2020)

Resilience Skills, University of Pennsylvania, Coursera (2020)

Science of Exercise, University of Colorado Boulder, Coursera (2020)

Anatomy & Physiology, School of Reflexology (2008)

Inkaki Healer Education, 9Stjernen Alternative Educations (2005-2006)

Dreams and Personal Development, University of Copenhagen (1994)

The Psychology of Religion, University of Copenhagen (1994)

Introduction to Psychology, University of Copenhagen (1992)

Accounting & Business Economics, Copenhagen Business College (1991)

Examined Business Coach

Copenhagen Business School

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Licensed Psychotherapist

 Psychotherapeutic Institute

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Bachelor of Theology

University of Copenhagen

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