Creating HAL - A Higher Awareness Lifestyle

The Story Behind HAL - A Higher Awareness Lifestyle 

Creating HAL - A Higher Awareness Lifestyle

Humanity must choose evolution as a dedicated and purposeful way of living, because the current comfort-zone oriented lower order mindset and understanding, humans unfold today, will not get us anywhere.

Where to begin? Well, for starters as a trained and professional psychotherapist the two main questions I have focused on in my life have been the human existence and the purpose of life.

Technically, I already asked these questions as a child, but for the sake of the shortness of this story, we begin there. However, the branch of psychology, in which I have worked with clients in almost two decades now, can be viewed as existential psychotherapy and the development of the human psyche within the framework of the foundational concepts of why we exist.

In my query, I found that most humans are good at setting goals, that is, materialistic goals. And that most people eventually figure out that materialistic comfort is nice to have, but that this is not the sole answer to what the purpose of life is. Neither is love, becoming a parent or following a specific religion, or having political convictions.

If we get stuck within these temporary phases of mind and emotions – which are nothing more than the unfolding of the electrochemical processes, hidden within our ancestral DNA, preparing us for the big challenge of continuing the development of what it truly means to exist in this reality - the emptiness creeps in and with that, the inner battle begins to preserve our comfort zone, and for some, to such a degree that wars have been fought to maintain the truth of these ideologies, instead of just following the path of the growing cognitive dissonance these impermanent ideologies are bound to lead to. They are constructs of mind - not of existence.

The more times we have been around, the quicker these impermanent ideologies will lose their glamour, being mindless deceptions as they, and nothing but a faint downsized reflection of the higher order systems of thoughts which used to be part of our human nature, yet long forgotten and barely existing as deeply hidden holographic code systems within our neurobiology, waiting for us to unlock our full potentials once more as a higher order scientifically driven civilization, living within the Universal Cycles of Transformative Energy and Consciousness.

The purpose of life is to make it meaningful, if you ask me. To give it a purpose that generates THAT story of our life, where we have a function that provides meaning to why we are here. A story we can be proud of, when it is our time to go.

As C.G. Jung said, we need our personal myth to be rooted into this world. Although, it is no secret that I have roots in Theravada Buddhism, since my last exit was as a Buddhist monk (terrible death under torture) and I ended in front of the High Earth Councils only be sent back in (I remember that conversation with avian-mammal humanoids) and from that, have had a sort of inner guidance to my current existence and the purpose of it, although it took me some 30 years to rebuild my energy system, a functional mind-field and a brain that could process the higher order information.

Yet, it has made me more consciously aware of the purpose of this life, and what I wanted from it. Not a minute to waste, as I understood after having done the usual rounds of normal life, only to get depressed by it and in my mid-twenties having a dream of drowning in the big ocean as the mattress, I was on, sank to the bottom.

A vivid dream telling me that my vessel of life was sinking because it had no real substance, unsuitable for the journey I was on. I woke up, being jolted with energy, and a voice in my head saying: See things as the Truly Are – See through the Illusion. I knew then, that I had to get my ducks in a row. Crawl up the mud-hole and get to work – again. And I knew how. Starting all over again. Learning, doing, transforming and then do the final transition.

All considering, that I had not found the way to transform the cycles of materialistic forms, being sent back in and all. So, since I was here – one more time in a new era, in a new body and the Buddhist approach had not worked (unless the High Earth Councils were infiltrated and thus were not really administering their purpose as gate keepers but prison keepers for the hijackers) – it was time to find the path to the hyper-gates, where the transformed and fully developed consciousness units can shed off the template of life (aka the consciousness design of this solar system), their energy system – again of this time and era – imbued with the holographic code systems determining the function and purpose and the consequently connected bio-vessel.

Naturally, being born in the West, I had to take my time to understand the cultural differences of the West and the East as well as trying to understand the current religions, spiritual systems and the present day cultural and societal history, in my attempt to adapt to this form and this life as part of the conscious learning anew process along with the work to regain control of my body and energy system. Again, not easy in a molecular structure imbued with different reality program settings and reverse engineering done by clumsy invaders in the aftermath of the hijacking and full of distortion and energy patterns of past lives, which as it turned out, technically not were mine since I am in a step-in setup and configuration in a lineage that is not mine (again, indicating that I was ready to go but was held back – the system is rottener than you think).

Thus, I began my esoteric search by finding the answers to the why´s of this reality. Why we exist, the different concepts of truth and the varieties of what people find to be the quest of their lives. For me, during the different lifetimes I have had inside this reality – willingly or unwillingly – the quest has always been to find that narrative, that purpose, leading to the highest good of the many, the highest standards of what it means to be an evolving lifeform, no matter where we are positioned and no matter what form, we choose to engineer to unfold the purpose of our existence.

Am I a wandering soul, emanating from a divine principle? Since I never felt comfortable with that notion, I took my time to study the religions of this era (I began the cross-religious studies on my own and eventually completed my bachelor of Theology at the University of Copenhagen) and the answers they have provided to that question. I did not find what I was looking for. Hollow echoes of the original higher order sciences, as they all are, I did find trails of the deeper essence of life and the purpose of life, and with that, further and deeper recalling of who and what I truly am.

Am I at all? The Buddhist will say no. A Hindu will say that there is an ever-pervading principle of self in the unity of everything and in a way, I am – or as the old Hebrew saying goes; “I am what I choose to become” which, as a philosophical echo was repeated in Descartes “Cogito, ergo sum” (I am cognisant, thus I am – to expand the typical I think, therefore I am translation). Naturally, that opens up a new can of worms because when are we cognisant? And what are the criteria for being cognisant?

But we also know, that sense of self changes as the circumstances of life changes, and in many ways, the prevailing concepts of self as being a creature, created by someone or something else, has not led humanity into the needed conscious evolution, where we really live up to our full potentials.

Instead, most tend to float around like leaves in the wind, in a merry go round of ideas of why we are, what we are and if we are the top or the bottom of the human evolution. The narratives change according to what others tell us. The story others define for us. The social media, politicians, marketers, religions, spiritual groups and ideas along with the ongoing inner self-justification voice, telling us that we are doing okay – all considered – or the opposite, that we are total failures.

Few are really living in the conscious way that is demanded to live in worlds made of energy, ready to be transformed into something higher to continue the forever ongoing evolution of consciousness within different cycles of energy and purpose. To this forever ongoing transformation of energy, there are laws. Universal Laws bound into the Principles of each Universal Cycle. These are not the laws of god (or the gods, all depending on if you adhere to monotheism or polytheism).

And, since I do not adhere to gods, or god, and I could not find the answers in existing religions or specific agendas that are present in this time and age, I have taken the time to recreate the developmental programs, I remember to be the purpose of the before timeline event ancient civilizations, living and thriving in our solar system within advanced workstations, science labs, utilizing technology that exceed any and all forms of present day technology, since they were interconnected to our perception field, our energy configuration and consciousness abilities.

As I recall it, from these potentials and tools of reality, we created developmental projects in order to transform the energetic settings of the older forms of universal energies into the highest standards and purity rates of the current Universal Cycles, to provide the best circumstances for all living there, in order to unfold the Universal Laws of Utilization of Energy within the higher order sciences of that reality field, following the Principles of Progression leading to higher order awareness for all in that reality field, and the Rules of Engagement, leading to higher order societal structures, generating the best environmental settings for all lifeforms.

Thus, the HAL Academy is my version of why humans exist, why we are here and what we should do to consciously continue our progression journey into higher complex information systems, able to transform all forms of energy by either technology or by our own means, using our vessel to do so, into their highest standards and purity rates, from where the original consciousness potentials can unfold into new and higher progression rates.

All for the highest good of the many, that is, to generate the possibilities for as many as possible to continue their progression journey into higher and more advanced lifeforms. For me, that is the meaning of why we exist.

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