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  1. We can only change the world, if humanity changes too. Being what we are now will not face up to what is brewing.
  2. We need people educated into the higher order sciences. Aware humans knowing about energy and consciousnesses.
  3. We need people who are able to work with the holographic realities and not just by mechanical means. but by the use of original human knowledge. 

However, not all people can afford to pay for the material, and by supporting the HAL Academy Open Ressources  get more people to gain interest for the progression work from the free HAL Academy Material, to prioritize it, and by that find the funds needed to do the HAL Academy Online Courses.

Growing Together to Change the World

We Must Change Our World as a United Planetary Civilization!

We work together to change the timelines of the future. Once we understand that the path of humanity, right now, leads to nothing but dead ends for our civilization, we also understand that actions must be taken to change that.

We also work to bring the higher order sciences to people’s attention and the how-to assist for a better future for this and the next generations of humans.


The donations help me create more HAL Project Open Resource Material as well as new Courses.

Any Questions to the HAL Academy?

Please write me an email, if you have questions to the HAL Academy Courses or the HAL Academy.