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The HAL Online Content & Ideas work from the original purpose of our existence with the goal of being re-integrated into new expanded concepts of psychology, reality and humans sciences. 


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If I told you that 1 out of 10 people on the planet are now on some kind of new timeline and this transition of humanity will lead to new sciences, and understandings of what it means to be human?

So, the question is: How can you begin your journey to become part of the future of our planet?

To meet up with the requirements of the planetary changes coming our way, the new societies and the challenges that are being put in front of us, we need humans with:

  • Broader psychic-energetic skills and abilities.
  • Cross-spectre educations.
  • High-functionality & capacities.

But at the same time, we need humans that remember the original solar human ways of working with energy and consciousness, and it is within that spectrum the HAL Online Courses fit in.

We must learn to work with energy, if we are to have a say in the future to come. 

I aim at teaching the systemic ways of being human in this solar system and the original ways we build worlds to transform energy into its highest purity rate, following the highest standards and the highest progression rate of our lineages.

The HAL Academy Online Courses & Podcasts

- Learn about higher awareness, galactic history and the new psychic-energetic abilities...

The HAL Progression Work Courses

In the HAL Progression Work Material, you learn step by step how to work with energy and conscioueness again.

From the understanding of reality to the ability of how to achieve your true energy configuration and capacities again.

The HAL Project & Changemakers

We can only change our world, if humanity changes too. Being what we are today will not face up to the transition dynamics coming our way. We need people educated about the higher order sciences. Aware humans knowing how to develop consciousness, energy and lifeforce.

The HAL New Living Material

In the HAL New Living Material and Courses, you will learn step by step how to live psychic-energetic again. From the psychic-energetic ways of working with nutrition to the ability to achieve your true energy configuration and capacities.

The HAL Perception Logs & Books

In the HAL Perception Logs, I share my point of view on our galactic history. The Perception Logs are to be seen as an update to the HAL Books, adjusting and adding in the information needed to the processes and challenges in the 2025 Timeline Material.

The HAL Pioneer Work

In the HAL Pioneer Work material, we will look into the upcoming changes in the ways we live and the ways we perceive reality, and what we need to adjust to on the 2025 timelines, focused around the 5th cycle and the changes of the future timelines.

Learn More....Be More...

The sense of self changes as the circumstances of life changes, and in many ways, the prevailing concepts of self as being a creature, created by someone or something else, has not led humanity into the needed conscious evolution, where we really live up to our full potentials.

Few are really living in the conscious way that is demanded to live in worlds made of energy, ready to be transformed into something higher to continue the forever ongoing evolution of consciousness within different cycles of energy and purpose. 

When we choose to do the conscious progression journey, there are many steps to take. We need new approaches to what it means to be human, and what is an honorable way of living in this world, made of energy and cognisant lifeforms.

We must learn how to transform energy into its highest purity rate where food and a functional body are the first steps.

Then follows the work with the inner energy fields and the modalities of self, leading to activation of the full growth potentials, we have as humans.

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Please write me an email, if you have questions to the HAL Academy Online Courses or the HAL Project.