Why Study at the HAL Academy?

Is there Going to Be A Multidimensional Graduation of Humanity?

Why Study at the HAL Academy?

1. Preparing for the Future

When people ask me why they should do the preparation work for the 2025-2034 Challenges, I have not one single answer but many. The main one is that they should educate themselves into the abilities to function, understand and develop within a multidimensional reality set up, and they often say:

  1. It is too hard.
  2. It takes too much of my time.
  3. Everyday living is hard enough.
  4. What is in it for me?

I hear the same thing with the otherdimensionals that are present in our reality field. And I get it. It is all the above.

Are the Majority of Humans even Close to What is Required to Meet up with the Challenges of the Future?

2. So, Why Do it? Why Not?

My take on this is simple. It is like preparing for an upcoming event nobody knows how is going to unfold. We can only project what we know now into the future. And that is exactly the key point here. What we know. And if what we know is based upon an artificially created reality – or if we should keep it simple; a current type of life that has little to nothing to do with the otherdimensional worlds that surround us.

A New Reality
The Step-Ladder Process
The Higher Order Sciences
A Psychic-Energetic Community
The HAL Changemakers
A New Way of Being Human

3. What is the Graduation?

Are the majority of humans even close to what is required to meet up with the challenges of the future?

Barely. Most are not even able to cope with everyday life, and the requirements of the world as it is today. And then, on top of that, show them a world based upon a completely different way of living that is not what they have learned so far. How will they cope with the transition into a new reality setup?

Keep in Mind as You Develop Your New Insights

Learning the New Ways Take Time & Effort

Understanding the higher order sciences cannot be done in the manner, most are accustomed to. Instead….

  • We contemplate upon the information to integrate the higher & lower aspects of it.
  • We learn to activate the energy units of our brain and mental field according to what we have learned in meditation.
  • We continue to build new energetic spiral patterns from the information, we work with.
  • What we learn must be processed into energies of a higher order from where we can build a new energy system.

The learning process of the higher order sciences is not a linear learning exercise. It is a psychic-energetic state of awareness and the code systems behind whatever state of awareness, we have.

  • What we have knowledge of, defines our energy system.
  • What we have knowledge of, determines what we perceive.
  • The consciousness units are built from these two conditions.

Next Step is the Holographic Reality Work

To move beyond this reality, the correct sciences of what we truly are, how we are constructed energetically, as well as how we change our energy system code configuration and vibrate our consciousness units into a higher order middle domain configuration of our system are part of the higher order sciences needed to align energetically and consciously with the future realities and their worlds beyond our current system.

Obtaining the higher order sciences is to understand how to work with energy and how to transform the holographic code systems behind all lifeforms and systems of reality.

For changes to happen, people must change their ways. We have heard that many times. But what does that imply? What changes, psychologically speaking, do we have to do? In what manner and how much must be adapted into new perception of self, others and reality?

Learning New Reality Perception

We are trying to add our perception of reality to a multidimensional universal structure, via primitive sciences matrices, primitive concepts of reality and a limited perception capacity to something much more complex. And I know, if I would ask the majority within society if they would do a higher order science degree to be able to process such an advanced reality perception, the majority would ask why or for what.

The choices we take must have a purpose and a function. A reason why to go through the effort and hardship to get to the end-goal of the multidimensional graduation.

Any Questions to the HAL Academy?

Please write me an email, if you have questions to the HAL Progression Work Material or the HAL Academy.