The HAL Project Advanced Articles

Are we truly

Ready for the Challenges of

the Future?



The HAL Project Advanced Articles are investigating the advanced levels of the Solar System Transition.

The Goals Are:

1) To support and give new frames of reference to the original races of our solar system.

2) To give indications on how to complete the remaining cycles of the LPU and its technology driven evolutionary cycles as well as how to enter the original progression cycles of the Holographic Metaverse. The latter being based upon holographic-radiation-vibration energies, aka HRV energy.

The HAL Project Advanced Articles are to be seen within the framework of the HAL Transition Science Courses. They also support the upcoming HAL Template Work Courses.

The free HAL Project Material is, in contrast, aimed at the base program level and the daily requirements enabling us to do the startup work.The HAL Basic Psychology & Ideas Courses complete this work.

The HAL Project Advanced Articles are also used as background information for the HAL Club Material.


Thus, for most part, the basic level of the HAL Project is completed and we can embark on the higher order sciences.


The future is not only about reconnecting to our higher order capacities; it is also about the full understanding of our participation in an evolutionary journey across several universes, where other human races exist and are doing their version of a human developmental progression journey in order to master all forms of energy and consciousness in the reality they are part of.

On the Dynamics in Which we do the Work - Article 1

New frames of reference are needed to do the higher awareness lifestyle, and with that a new type of psychology that allows for inner work as the first priority to reach your full inner potentials as a merged inner-outer higher awareness human. Read more....

Also join the HAL Club Cycle 1 to get the podcast, using this information too...

On the Pleiadian-Sirian Connection - Article 2

For starters, we must understand the original purpose of our planet, earth. Originally it was called Er´Th and it was mostly run as a Pleiadian workstation. The main part of it was under the Pillar Project and the original universal races that made the original agreement with the Ancient Ones.... Read more....

The HAL Transition Science Courses also use this information...

On the Gradient Pole Shift - Article 3

As the NGC Activation and Cleanup Cycles work their way through the collective holographic networks of our reality and the alien inserted alteration networks are removed and disconnected from the racial grids, our planet will move back into its original racial grid and network settings. Read more....

The HAL Transition Science Courses also use this information...

On the Planetary Activation Cycle - Article 4

The main content of this transmission is verbalized in the HAL Project News September 24th 2021 on the HAL Project YT Channel. Start with listening to that podcast.

We are to do the work on our own, little can be done to assist us. However, the planet can be altered by the collaborations under the Grand Planetary Council....Read more....