The HAL Continuation Classes 2023

Join the HAL Continuation Classes and Learn Amongst Like-minded


The HAL Continuation Group Classes 1-2 are done over Skype in a private Group Call. More details regarding the how and when are given in the signup email. Also read Course Overview for more information and content. Max 16 participants.

The HAL Academy Group Classes are an opportunity for all to join a group of like-minded and in this group, discuss what is learned from the course material. The monthly group lecture is, in structure, similar to an ordinary group class and the round of questions after the lecture will be under my supervision. All students - and newcomers - are welcome to join the Group Classes.


Semester Start

February 12th 2023

The HAL Continuation Group Class 1 in 2023

This Group Class 1 works with the next set of changes in our energy system, the DE2 type of consciousness genetics and what is coming our way from the new levels of reality. ...11 spots left...

 Read more in the Course Overview.

Semester Start

September 10th 2023

The HAL Continuation Group Class 2 in 2023

This  Group Class 2 continues the work with the 2023 upgrading of our template, and its new appearance under the original Er´Th energies.

It is a continuation of the HAL Continuation Group Class 1. Others can apply too. ...12 spots left...

Read more in the Course Overview.