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When we begin living in the world with our newly achieved, should we call it powers or abilities, we are in the process of activating new skill sets of reality perceptions.


We struggle with the new layers of information that constantly bombards us with energetic challenges and new notions of who we are and what reality is.


Throughout time, many people have tried to bridge the ancient solar system civilizations, and their otherworlds, to our understanding of reality in tales, stories, mythical narratives, and spiritual practices.


These groups of storytellers and practitioners did this to remind us of our true ancestry and that we can move beyond this realm and into other worlds of existence. And yet the present-day reality perceptions have almost completely omitted the possibilities of such other worlds along with their advanced civilizations.


My material can be seen as a continuation of the various traditions to reconnect to the before the current age advanced human civilizations, since a huge part of me stem from these ancient solar system humanities that once lived in our quadrant of the universe.

The HAL Perception Logs & Book Courses

In the HAL Perception Logs, I share experiences, insights and what I know from the work on the timelines and from the encounters, I have had, to find the answers to most of the questions about our journey as solar system humans.

The Logs go into the past, present and futures to find the answers and what the outcome might be. They are to be seen as an update to the 6 HAL Books, as well as give insights to the new levels of information, as part of the 2025 timeline work.

HAL Academy Advanced Classes 1, 2 & 4

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HAL Advanced Class 1

On the Progression Work 

HAL Advanced Class 2

On the Rotundum

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HAL Advanced Class 4

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HAL Academy Articles

Nothing is really what it appears to be in this realm. In the other worlds, what is perceived is interactive with the energetic fields of the observer.


Our journey of progression is to reconnect to the true worlds and pierce the veil that has been put between the inner and outer worlds, cloaking our true perception abilities.

HAL Hidden History Illustrated

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