The HAL Changemaker Tool Kit Courses

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The HAL Changemaker Tool Kit Courses

What kind of HAL Changemaker are You?

In these HAL Changemaker Courses, I work with the Tool Kit of a HAL Changemaker.

It is not just about being a social entrepreneur, that is one dimension of it, it is also a psychological process into knowing our own strengths and weaknesses, along with the understanding of the outer environment – not just in terms of outer markets, other players within the same field of change or similar typical for-profit or B-Corp understandings of challenges.

In the HAL Changemaker material, I take into consideration the energetic environment, we are to operate within.

Here I talk about the other stakeholders such as the factions as well as other actors within our reality field. Because, if we are going to change this world, we also work with the challenges of the otherworldly presence here.

As HAL Changemakers, we need to be psychological ready for that higher order challenge along with the base program everyday challenges, financial challenges, social and governmental challenges.

We operate in a new reality setup – perhaps not the one the enhanced humans envisioned (and have abandoned) but the one that is coming in from beneath and above us – the other and interdimensional presence.  

Being a HAL Changemaker adds the extra to being a Social Entrepreneur

Being a HAL Changemaker is just as much a process of re-inventing what it means to be human. It is a psychic-energetic process, where known psychological processes are expanded into containing the higher order perception levels as well. It is not spirituality, it is science of a higher order kind.

The 3 Pillars In the HAL & HOPE Work

Pillar 1

The HAL Progression Sciences and Progression Work recalibrate the existing 12 layered energy system to match the original transformative energy system of the Restoration Program.


Pillar 2

The HAL Changemaker Project has as its main goal to solve the future issues of our reality. The first test ground, and a possible jurisdiction within the base program, is laid in the Food, Health & Environment Project of 2023.


Pillar 3

The HOPE Work for a Better Future material explains the new possibilities, and the options we must deal with the DE1 reconfiguration dynamics and challenges as solar humans.

Begin with the New Reality Program Courses

A matrix of change is a four-fold systemic-energetic transformational form of advanced technology, often driven by inserted reality programs and alteration of gene sequences. These technologies appear to us, inside the Enclosure, as if they are of alien origin. The fact is, they are an intrinsic part of our reality field and were engineered a very long time ago by other very advanced human civilizations that have preceded us.

Continue with the HOSE New Reality Challenges Courses

As we enter 2023, new challenges are upon us. Natually, we work with these challenges in our energy and clearing work daily, setting aside hours every day to do so. We are in a race of change and a transition process where the ones, knowing what they do, will have an advantage. So, we become the ones in the know and by that the ones that, by our daily effort, ensure the continuation of our system and the broad group of different lineages, albeit perhaps not in the ways we would like it to run.

You study the HAL Academy Material Online as self-study. All Courses consist of text and podcasts. The podcasts are uploaded into private groups on Vimeo. Links will be provided.

You study when it suits you. The HAL Courses are available at all hours of the day.

You Learn the HAL Course Material via PDF and Podcasts, Teaching the Concepts in Theory and via Practical Exercises.

You sign up by paying the fee for each course via PayPal.

1. The HAL Changemaker Tool Kit Start-Up

In this course, the foundation is laid for a broader understanding of the challenges as a HAL Changemaker, both for the ones that choose to remain in the 4th cycle as well as for the 5th cycle forerunners.

Read more in the Course Overview.

In the HAL CHM Tool Kit Courses, I explain the implications of the HAL Changemaker outer domain work. I will exemplify this in case studies, using two projects delivered from the enhanced humans.

Thus, along with the HAL Transition Science Courses and the HAL Advanced Clearing Work, these courses with their case studies and insights, provide the next level of information needed to connect the dots and generate the individual tool kit, we must have to be able to do the transition.

2. The HAL Changemaker Tool Kit Next Step

In the second course, we continue the implementation processes within the Base Program. The next level focus on the Idea & Manifestation Processes, following the energetic HAL CHMAR Methods.

Read more in the Course Overview.

The HAL Changemaker Project

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The HAL Changemaker Project combines and elevates known concepts into a higher order system of thought in new profound ways to systemize what it means to be an expanded human, working under an alternate worldview governed by advanced psycho-energetic sciences and how we can cope with the new world as it unfolds around us.

Any Questions to the HAL Changemaker Courses?

Please write me an email, if you have questions to the HAL Changemaker Material or the HAL Academy.