The HAL 5th Cycle Progression Sciences

The HAL 5th Cycle Sciences

- A New Perception

The HAL 5th Cycle Sciences Overview

The HAL Academy text and video material is built up in a step-ladder manner to develop the ability to discern between different states of perception, different dimensional contexts and developmental programs. The information, and how we work with it to change our reality and what it means to be human, supports the work with our processes of regaining our higher order consciousness structure.

The HAL Online Courses How-To

These higher order sciences are part of the HAL Academy Courses and are to be seen as the first steps to revive the original higher order science concepts.

Online Courses

You study the HAL Academy Courses Online. Each Course consists of text material and podcasts uploaded into a Private Group on Vimeo.

Study Whenever

You study on your own, when it suits you.

The HAL Academy Courses are available at all hours.

PDF & Podcasts

You Learn the HAL Academy Course Material via PDF and Podcasts, Teaching the Concepts in Theory and via Practical Exercises.

Getting Ready for the 5th Cycle Progression Sciences

From Basics to Advanced


The goal with the step-ladder build up is to adapt our way of life to the new knowledge, and to learn to work with the different aspects of the psychic-energetic processes, from the basic double awareness angle and into the advanced work with the energy systems.

10. The HAL Changemaker Material

What type of world do we want? We must begin to build our patterns of change and develop a higher order perspective of our reality. We need this to truly get the full implications of what is going on here.

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11. The HAL 2025 Timeline Work

We have forgotten these systemic dynamics in our reality governance We see everything from a local point of view and not from a systemic-energetic and global point of view, as part of a larger interactive system.

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12. The HAL Systemic-Energetic Awareness

1 out of 10 people on the planet are now on some kind of new timeline and this transition of humanity will lead to new sciences, and understandings of what it means to be human.

So, the question is:How do you tailor your inner work to become part of the new future of humanity with profound new concepts of reality?

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