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The HAL Academy Step-Ladder Learning Process

The Higher Order Systemic Sciences

The HAL Academy Courses and the HAL Projects unfolds via a step-ladder teaching system. They are the first steps towards the future Higher Order Systemic Sciences.

The Higher Order Systemic Sciences, cannot be compared to general sciences of today. It is so because there are more layers to our reality, than have been discovered so far, and with that, many new sectors of reality yet to be explored and classified.

Thus, the step-ladder process is to be seen as an attempt to build a bridge to the future sciences of our Solar System and the future humanities and their ways of existence.

A Different Reality Perception

We live in a world where the reality field reset dynamics are manifested into different collapses of known functional societal, economic and environmental systems, overall changes in the human neurobiology, with break-down of psychological processes and loss of self-adjustment mechanisms, where the general approach to solve the challenges at hand either focus on a joint effort to solve the issues, or choose to riot and segregate in earlier consciousness states of warring humanoid gene codes and disrupted rules of engagement.

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You Learn the HAL Academy Course Material via PDF and Podcasts, Teaching the Concepts in Theory and via Practical Exercises.

The HAL Sciences are delivered via PDFs and Podcasts

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All HAL Academy Material has the Option of Personal Contact. We communicate over the Internet, either via Skype or Email.

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Online Courses

You study the HAL Academy Courses Online. Each Course consists of text material and podcasts uploaded into a Private Group on Vimeo.

The Step-Ladder Learning Process

The HAL Academy text and video material is built up in a step-ladder manner to develop the ability to discern between different states of perception, different dimensional contexts and developmental programs. The information, and how we work with it to change our reality and what it means to be human, supports the work with our processes of regaining our higher order consciousness structure.

The step-ladder learning processes, that are built into the educational material, rest upon the dynamics of the systemic higher order sciences and how we can implement this into our everyday life.

The HAL Academy Goals

  • To teach about the higher order ways of existence.
  • To teach about the true human nature and energetic constitution in relation to new human ways. 
  • To teach how to clear and progress this energetic constitution, in order to reach our full potentials.
  • To teach about the original ways of our higher order potentials and what we can do with these.
  • To teach how to develop new ways of life, business, innovation and sciences to change the world.
  • To teach new perceptions to inspire to new reality concepts leading to new societal structures.

My work orbits around the fact, that humanity needs new paradigms of reality, of who we are and what our purpose is, as a terrestrial race. I toil to find the solutions to our current situation as a race in amnesia, and what drives the process of activation and progression, ranging from the individual psychological progression dynamics to the large schematic transition dynamics within the present-day standards of reality perception.

The research begins within the accepted paradigms of general science and psychology, and then I lift what I find to be of most relevance for our human evolution into the higher order scientific levels. This is called the ability to hold a double awareness within two sets of energies; utilizing the frequency based neural network and at the same time, activating the psychic-energetic holographic radiation structural layers of the brain.

The HAL Academy Concepts & Ideas are to be seen as frames of references, from which the original purpose of our existence can be re-integrated into our current world concepts of psychology,  innovation, business and sciences.

Creating the Higher Awareness Lifestyle

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