HAL Bridges to Better Futures

Can We Generate Better Future Timelines?

HAL Building Bridges to Better Futures

Seeding a New Awareness – Not Giving the Answers...

The world is changing. Humanity is changing. Many challenges are ahead of us as the other planes of reality come our way. For people, centered in the everyday human mindset, these changes will not be noticeable other than in the forms of new sciences and governance, and for others, having prepared for this for years and years, the tide is changing and the wave of energies of the other realities and worlds are affecting our higher order holographic-energetic architecture in new ways.

This will open for new levels of perception and understanding of what it means to be human for those who are ready to embrace the changes. This is not just about the continuation of humanity; it is just as much about the continuation of our higher order possibilities as an advanced civilization, ready to acknowledge the otherworlds around us.

To get there, humanity must learn to work as a planetary team, expressing our diversity as a chosen tool to reach the absolute potentials of what we were meant to be, and yet recognizing that we are equals because we work for the same goals, and in that we support each other in the joint goal of progression of awareness, our higher order consciousness abilities and with the goal of generating better worlds for all implicated.

We must overcome our differences and focus on the tasks at hand and how to solve the pending challenges. We must progress and activate our full potentials, and do the needed work to be able to change our world.

Building Bridges to Better Futures

This is not just about the continuation of humanity; it is just as much about the continuation of our higher order possibilities as an advanced civilization, ready to acknowledge the otherworlds around us.

The higher order holographic realities and their holographic multilayered energy units operate in dissimilar ways than our everyday reality physics and therefore the learning process to master these inner higher order levels of our capacities hold many inner and outer challenges. These developmental challenges are both of a physical nature as well as a psychological.

Moreover, in my mind, the sought-for progression abilities, and the expansion of our full consciousness capacities, are closely connected to our language, i.e., the thoughtforms behind what we want to express, the words we use to describe what we perceive, and how we choose to narrate our perceived relative reality using concepts and frames of reference. We must investigate the socio-psychological dynamics behind our culture and language, all of which add to our perception of self, others, and reality and how we choose to interact with it.

Furthermore, again as I see it, we must address and explore the incomplete ways we have learned to process information systems, and other systems of thoughts, because these are important in our discernment of the experienced holographic-energetic levels of our reality.

What we know, defines what we can perceive and interact with of complex information systems, be it on everyday levels, within the paradigms of science or within the advanced holographic-energetic planes of existence.

Thus, to achieve our innate capacities and higher order abilities, large portions of the higher order awareness expansion processes must be centered around the reconstruction of our holographic-energetic configuration behind our current organic vessel.

We must address the organic vessel with its higher and lower order bio-energetic field formations, defining the spectrum of our higher order potentials, and investigate how far we can utilize these to reconnect to the higher order realms of our solar system and parallel reality fields.

Additionally, a new approach to investigate beyond the general sciences and their limited systems of thought and into explorative paratheoretical information systems is needed.

Ending with the Beginning

Do the Progression Work Step by Step and

Learn How to Generate Timelines for a Better Future

Get started with the free course material on this website, where you get a rough overview of what the work is about. Do each course as lined up on the webpage, and the foundation is laid.

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A new perception of reality demands our attention. To be able to learn new ways of being human, we need new ways of perceiving our past, present and the future to come.

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The next step is to begin with the Progression Work Courses. There are four layers to this material, starting with some free material, and then moving into the course material.

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Adding the new insights to a new way of living naturally pushes us into an adaptation process. From this our next step is to become the change we want in the world. Be it, live it, exemplify it.

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