HAL 5th Cycle Sciences

The Higher Order Future Sciences are Part of the 5th Cycle


The HAL 5th Cycle Work

It is important to focus on the future realities aligned with our present-day reality holographic-energetic architecture, that is the dynamics and the to-be-discovered sciences behind the impending reality configuration, some 6500 years into the future.

Similarly, is it just as important to address the numerous semi-to completely failed attempts to connect to our holographic-energetic nodal point in the main reality field network behind our current state of reality, executed by several holographic-energetic cross-sectorial bridges working to transform our solar system, if possible, in all ways energetically, scientifically, and mechanically by the use of the future higher order sciences and technologies to do so.

Holographic-energetic means that each energy unit within the reality architecture contains the complex and convoluted information systems of the entire reality field configuration. One energy unit can therefore be unfolded into an entirely new reality configuration. Or, if need be, utilized to repair the existing construction.

We have forgotten these systemic dynamics in our reality governance We see everything from a local point of view and not from a systemic-energetic and global point of view, as part of a larger interactive system.

We need people who can to work with the holographic-dynamic reality models and from these generate new future possibilities for all.

The Holographic Energetic Worldview

  • All progressive energy units are congregated in holographic grids, composing the holographic resonance fields.
  • The holographic resonance fields are the foundation of realities.
  • The holographic resonance fields are based upon sequences of information, that express certain possibilities and probabilities.
  • Within the holographic resonance fields certain probabilities are unfolded; these are the clusters of information, often connected to a timeline or code stream.
  • A timeline is a developed section of the holographic grid, where a sequence of information has generated a probable outcome, i.e. a determined sequence within the holographic resonance field.
  • Within such a code stream, or timeline, energy patterns become possible, since they are manifested groupings of energy units.
  • All energy patterns then begin to define the probable outcome of the main field, by affecting the remaining possibility rate of that field. The more defined energy patterns a reality field holds, the less opportunity for changes there is.
  • A holographic resonance field is completed, when it is composed of sequences of timelines and energy patterns. All energy units, timelines and energy patterns must be according to the highest purity rate, the highest standards and the highest progression rate. If not, that field has to be cleared of the distortions to regain its flexibility. This is called a reset. After this, the field can unfold new possible outcomes.

Where Do We Begin the HAL 5th Cycle Work?

The resetting of our solar system into its original holographic-energetic architecture will demand our conscious participation in the holographic-energetic clearing of the past, the present and any conceivable future timelines (aka holographic-energetic code streams). We must embrace the sciences of otherworldly realities and their humanoid races, existing parallelly to our solar system and thus are part of it.

Most of what we know today must be thought-through and information, long forgotten, must be rediscovered, and purged of its high level of distortions and misunderstandings. In this, we are to revisit and think-through general sciences, our understanding of reality, as well as the characteristics of the otherworldly and parallel realities, their civilizations, socio-cultural dynamics, and technologies.

Moreover, we must strive to grasp the vast implications of the holographic-energetic worlds and the future humanities. Be it the lesser or more promising futures, we have the possibilities to become part of.

The Future Awaits Our Full Attention

Choosing to go All In to Change what we can - and Adapt to the new Possibilities

In this Podcast Series I Talk About 

  • The 5th Cycle Mission Statements.
  • On the Different Timelines Leading to the Unfortunate Futures of Humanity.
  • On the 5th Cycle Parapsychological Skill Sets.
  • And Other Important Topics

The Needed Skillsets of a 5th Cycle Pioneer

A 5th Cycle Pioneer Need to Have:

  • Mental and emotional abilities to adjust to changes, following the 5th cycle dynamics.
  • High-functionality emotionally, mentally and physically, to address and cope with 5th cycle challenges.
  • Resilience, and skills to develop resilience, in times of energetic resistance and counter energies.
  • A flexible and viable personality structure needed to develop transformation and transmutation skills.
  • Ability to read and understand energetic trends and energetic patterns, both locally and globally
  • Ability to decode information streams correctly, locally and globally.
  • The ability to jump timelines, locally and globally.

And Good to Have:

  • Some degree of knowledge of MIC, SAC and Galactic History either from my material or from other/own sources. You need this as background information.
  • Some understanding of timeline work, how to clear and adapt timelines. More advanced skillsets and understanding of the timeline work can be learned in the HAL Progression Work Courses.
  • Trained work with the personality structure to develop resilience and personal maturity, via years of inner work, psychological work and meditation.
  • Personal experiences from inter-, intra- and meta-dimensional levels of our reality.
  • Basic integrated healthy lifestyle with some sort of daily routine of exercise, fully plant-based diet, energy work and self-healing done to maintain and develop your higher order capacities.

Questions to the HAL 5th Cycle Material?

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