The Activation & Awakening Process

The HAL Approach to the Activation & Awakening Process

In the Activation and Awakening Processes, we go through many steps of developmental dynamics.

Some relate to the psyche, other to the cognitive dynamics and others are beyond our current realm of perception of what a human is or could become.

It is up to us to take up that challenge of higher order scientific and psychic-energetic approach in the processes of exploring, developing and generate an evolutionary path for humanity, or at least for the highest good of the many.

So....What is the New Approach?

In this podcast, I investigate the depth of the awakening processes and the scenery that has coloured the journey for many of us.

So much has transpired since the first group of humans began their awakening process, and what could we say has been the goal of it all? And what are the goals now?


- The Processes of Activation Go Far Beyond What We Imagined

A New Reality Perception

The original (and highly regressed or inverted) reality energies are running in the grids, the sun, and our food, and we are to utilize this knowledge in advanced ways, so we can rebuild the transformative energy system with the energies available to us and eventually get less from our food.

We understand that we are to rebuild the holographic-energetic architecture behind our current physical body to get the progressive and original energies connected to our biofield from the true version of the sun. As the sun transitions out of these overlays, we can also shed off the false layers on top of our higher order energy system.

Perspective Turnover

And not to forget; the Principles, the Laws and the Rules play a huge role in the rebuilding processes, because the choices we make every day and energy minute, create the effects of how much energy we are allowed to utilize from the reality grids.


The amount, we are allowed to absorb, is determined by our position on the progression spiral and the ways we interact with energy, i.e. how we utilize the reality energies in a progressive, productive, and rebuilding manner. This determines the amount of reality energy we can access and are allowed to circulate into the bio-field, the vibration field, and the radiation field.

New Reality and Self Management

The original solar system 4th dimensional energetic-organic vessel and higher order energy system (4-6th dimension), the template and code sheets constitute the foundation of a progressive human, living in our solar system. However, the more complicated understanding of these levels in the true human are still to be investigated. Not on a general level, but on an individual level, since the solar system progressive energy system, complex code sheets and highly advanced template were engineered differently and by the user alone.

Aside from the many progression and clearing processes, we have worked with so far, a new focus must be taken. We must learn how to facilitate energy from our reality and into our energy system, although only after we have cleared our energy system of distortion. Otherwise, we will pollute the grids, and with this take away our only chance of upgrading to the true energies.

A Trusted Citizen of Earth?

Wrong choices always lead to wrong utilization of energy and our wrongdoing places us in the lower order end of the progression spiral, where the energies we facilitate are less potent, where things move in a slower pace and where we must change our ways of existence, before we again get further access to the higher forms of energy.

After the timeline event and the solidification of our solar system, the ways we got energy changed. Before the timeline event we did not get our energy from food, to keep our organic vessel functional.

And additionally: Participating in developing and progressing our world, gave us the sustenance, we needed before the timeline event.

Thus, we should try to get as close as we can to that way of living by understanding how we work correctly the energies from the grid, the sun and from what we eat.


Please notice that being able to completely facilitate and utilize the energies of our solar system, we must participate in transformational or transition projects, making our world a better place for all. All that we do has to be for the highest good of the many, as the first of many.


The DE2 Transferring Systems

Originally, we absorbed all energy directly from the holographic grids through the three main vortexes, and then relocated it to the DE2 transferring systems, such as the holographic grid energy network in our energy system, today part of the lymphatic system[1], the vascular system[2] along with the central nervous system (and brain) and the periphery nervous system (and heart).


The true holographic-energetic network of our inbuilt energy system is now divided into the matter bio-fields in the body, making it difficult for our organic form to process the true energies of our reality in an efficient way.


The DE2 transferring systems circulated the energies into our solar system organic cells and amplified the bio-field, the vibration field, and the radiation field with what were needed to give the accurate amount and type of energy to the solar system organic cells of the true human vessel.

Before the timeline event (the BTE), we facilitated the energies of our surroundings to be able to develop our world, to create and to transform all older cyclic energies into their highest purity rate (here the highest purity rate meant that the energies were up-to-date with the ways energy was supposed to unfold in that cycle), the highest standards chosen by our race collectively, and the highest progression rate set for our solar system. Working with our reality thus meant to transform the energies of it, by infusing it with consciousness, and we did that in our creational projects and in the interaction potentials amongst each other, following the developmental programs of our race. That fueled our energy system and organic vessel.


Please notice that the original systemic organic cells are holographic in nature, which means that any cell holds the imprint of the energetic layers, composing the organic vessel.

[1] The lymphatic system:

[2] The Vascular system

Another Key Factor

After the timeline event (ATE), things changed a bit, and these are the ways, we are to work with the solar energies. Then and now the heart vortex additionally processes the energies of the solar particles into the vibrational field, when we are progressing the overall energies of our reality.

Only by progressing the energies of our reality, with the goal of reaching the highest purity rate (now meaning the transformational work to get the energies back to their BTE composition), the highest standards (following the Principles) and the highest progression rate, can we absorb the solar particles correctly. The solar particles are integrated into our vibration and radiation fields, when these are in action and are working under the Principles and the Laws of Energetic Utilization. We must be aligned with our solar system in harmony to unfold the highest order and balance.

Additional layers of higher order density energies, to develop the density structure of our energy system, and to enable us to process information in other realities, we pull in from the grids of the higher order realities, we want to visit along with the core solar energies, whenever we need to function there, either as an extension of our energy system, into another version of us, or in our perception field.

In our work with the solar energies, aside from the resonance grid energies to fuel our bio-field, it is important to notice that the sun has different versions of energy. It has the strong core energies, like the symbols in the code sheets, the lesser strong vibration particles, and the radiation waves of the perimeter. These fuel the bio-field, the heart and brain fields in different ways.

So, Why Do it? Why Not?

My take on this is simple. It is like preparing for an upcoming event nobody knows how is going to unfold. We can only project what we know now into the future. And that is exactly the key point here. What we know. And if what we know is based upon an artificially created reality – or if we should keep it simple; a current type of life that has little to nothing to do with the otherdimensional worlds that surround us.