HAL New Reality Sun & Star Courses

The Solar System Changes

New Reality Challenges Via Our Solar System

In the Higher Order Progressive-Energetic New Reality Material, I work with the Challenges of our System.

Here we work with the next level of awareness as part of a large community of other races, living in our sector.

The focus is on the challenges and skill sets needed to have to be able to deal with the other races, living in and beyond our reality field within the other domains and the challenges this pose to us as newcomers to these worlds.

How to Live with the New Reality of Density Energy?

How do we get structured in our everyday life to reach our full potentials?

Lots of new ways of being human to learn as the patterns of change unfold around us.

The Key Words are:

1) Structure your day - be realistic in what is possible

2) Minimize your use of base program energy - transform into the higher order energies

3) Whatever you do use - use it to change the existing paradigms

4) Have a healthy life style (plant-based diet, dialy exercise and clearing work)

5) Clear and rebuild as much as possible per day rate

Live by the ideas of the HAL Changemaker Project .... And yes, you need to set an example of the best version a human can be. The first step as a HAL Changemaker is to be a role model of the better ways of being human. We live by the sciences of what must be done, and we implement them into new projects.

Someone Has to Go First - for the Highest Good of the Many. 

The Good Questions to be Asked

Is it embarking on the ascension programs, where we are promised to get back to a soul state in a fluffy utopia world based upon outdated spiritual principles? Are we to be cling on to the hope of other races taking us to the 5D? Or are we to grow as a race into a consciousness-based race, having the ability of telepathy, influence on the hidden technologies, the ability to work with holographic-radiation-vibration energies in a scientific way understanding reality holograms, semi-to fully artificial reality constructions based upon holographic principles of possibilities and probabilities (not quantum), code streams and code sheets? Working to become able to communicate with the other human races placed in universes parallel to ours from mind to mind, sharing complex information as packages of energy and field sciences?


Being a true human has nothing to do with spirituality or being soul infused. The true human-humanoids of our solar system used to be highly advanced races, building constructions such as the Pillar Project, into which different types of engineered vessels could learn to administer energy and consciousness. This universal structure used to have 12 realities, reengineered to each hold 5 domains with technologies and developmental programs, of which 4 domains would be the reality fields, or play grounds, of development of consciousness potentials via the transformational processes of energy, and the 5th domain would be the exit reality to other systems.


This universal structure, as it is now, is thus assisted in its progression dynamics using technology and developmental programs. The goal was to assist large groups of the humanoid races in their endeavor to master and develop their outdated code systems and energy system configurations. We must conclude that this project has failed. It was never meant to continue to the degree it has.


As I see it, we face the following challenges, which we are to step up to:

  • Where does humanity, as a race, belong in terms of a future among other universal human races?
  • What needs to be developed to get humanity able to achieve that?
  • What needs to be learned?
  • Does the current humanity have the skills for that?


We must look at the resources we have now. The world, we are living in, and most humans that are barely half up to speed with the worlds, they soon are to become part of and in this, only a portion of humanity is ready for the work of developing consciousness and energy to be able to face up to the future challenges.

HAL Better Future New Reality Sun & Star Courses

When we begin living in the world with our newly achieved, should we call it powers or abilities, we are in the process of activating new skill sets of reality perceptions.

We struggle with the new layers of information that constantly bombards us with energetic challenges and new notions of who we are and what reality is.


Throughout time, many people have tried to bridge the ancient solar system civilizations, and their otherworlds, to our understanding of reality in tales, stories, mythical narratives, and spiritual practices.


These groups of storytellers and practitioners did this to remind us of our true ancestry and that we can move beyond this realm and into other worlds of existence. And yet the present-day reality perceptions have almost completely omitted the possibilities of such other worlds along with their advanced civilizations.

In this course focus is on the challenges coming from the Sun. The goal is to be able to transform the lower order fields into their higher order equivalent so we can withstand and deal with the changes.

In this course, the focus is on the challenges the field configurations, following the opening of the original DE1 Bridges and Stargates. Reality fields are built of radiation and vibration energies.

How to Do This?

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Questions to the Future Humanities Material?

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