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What is the Future of Humanity?

The main purpose of the HAL Future Humanities is to inspire humans to develop a new type of higher order process-based, innovative and progressive awareness. This purpose dwells within a new reality perception and the human abilities to engage in such a project of renewal. Because, as the mind expands so does the ability to adapt to changes along with the knowledge of how to face the changes, and what they bring about, in productive ways. 

The holographic-energetic dynamics and mechanics will become clear as our system regains its original composition, and humanity becomes sensitive to energy again. Only by expanding the brain´s capacity, is it possible to grasp the wholeness of the universal complexity, the many reality fields of sequenced energy and consciousness, the possibility and probability energy units and how the holographic principles truly work.

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My efforts the last 12 years have been centered around the best ways to explain the how-to complete the 4th progression cycles of our solar system, along with the most important progression and clearing techniques foundational to the energetic transformation of the higher order reality holographic energy units. The goal was to provide new ways to accomplish the higher order holographic-energetic reconstruction of the original solar system holographic-energetic true human configuration, required to complete the 4th cycle progression cycles within our solar system.

The resetting of our solar system, into its original holographic-energetic architecture, will demand our full participation in the holographic-energetic, and higher order genetic, clearing of the past, the present and any conceivable future timelines (also called holographic-energetic code streams). We must acknowledge and embrace the higher order sciences of the otherworldly realities and their humanoid races, existing in parallel non-temporal and non-local realms made of otherworldly energies, yet part of our solar system.[1]

Most of what we know today must be thought-through and information, long forgotten, must be rediscovered, and purged of its high level of distortions and misunderstandings. In this, we are also to revisit and think-through general sciences, our knowledge of reality, as well as the characteristics of the otherworldly and parallel realities, their civilizations, socio-cultural dynamics, and their light-years ahead of us advanced technologies.

Moreover, we must go all-in to grasp the implications of the holographic-energetic worlds and the future humanities. Be it the lesser or more promising futures, we have the possibilities of becoming part of.


To Sum Up

To be able to adjust to the code systems of the holographic density reality settings. we must relearn the sciences of the original universal lineages and their root races that once inhabited our solar system. We must reunite with our original purpose and function as members of these long-gone advanced civilizations.


It must be understood, that the current reality setup was added, as a downgraded version, to the original solar system technologies and developmental programs. If the Pillar Project had succeeded, humanity within the Er´Th programs would have returned to the settings of the true worlds, and universal cycles by now.


This means that our solar system is undergoing a transition into the original density configurations; that is, it is resetting to the original construction programs and technologies of the Ancient Ones and from that, whatever cannot be transferred back to the progressive cycles will fall into the abyss, or the old 3rd cycle configuration to evaporate and cease to exist, and what can be transferred will move on into the next cycle and what cannot will crystallize, evaporate and eventually collapse – as the universe around us is already doing. 

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In this podcast some of the implications of the future timelines. It all seems like Sci-fi and some of the topics have been covered by the movie industry. However, things are as always far more complex and the sciences are far beyond what we know of yet. We must move beyond the Truman Show.

We are heading towards the 5th cycle but the main focus is actually to change the world and what is in it, so that we can shift as many as possible. Thus, we choose to move on and learn more and expand one more time into the higher order sciences of others and reality.

In this podcast, I go into the changes of our reality field from the perspective of the solar system history and the laws of how the past influence our reality field holographic-energetic architecture.

In this podcast, I go into the changes of our reality field from the perspective of the needed inner work that must be done, and the difference in the modus operandum in this due to different groupings of holographic-energetic architecture behind all lifeforms.

In this podcast, Josh Dippold and I talk about new frames of reference in regards to the UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) and the Investigation of these from the scientific communities. I propose a different angle to the UAPs and why they are here, along with real time information on what is shown on the screen.

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What is to be focused upon, considering that the years ahead of us hold the promises of an overall reconstruction of our reality field into its original holographic architecture or, equally just as possible, the implementation of new concealed agendas from otherworldly forces operating inside and outside our range of perception?

Either way, and whatever will come, it is important to begin the psychic-energetic processes towards our essential higher order systemic and galactic awareness.

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